Thanksgiving Turkey Treats: DIY Idea

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Thanksgiving Turkey Treats |

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats are a super cute idea to add to your table! Even if you're not hosting Thanksgiving this year, take these turkeys with you and you may just to steal the show. Turkey treats add a fun touch to the table that the kids will love, and adults will love to enjoy. ;)

Our chocolate brown tulle circles come in a pack of 25 for just $1.42 making this such a budget-friendly DIY! So what are you waiting for? Get to making these turkey treats!

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats DIY idea! |

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats What you need:
  • candy - we used Reese's Pieces
  • rubberband - we used small black rubberbands
  • small wiggle eyes
  • chocolate brown tulle circle - shop at!
  • pipecleaners
    • 1 brown: 7 3/4"
    • 2 yellow: 6"
    • 1 red: 2 1/4"
    • 1 orange: 1 1/4"
  • glue - we used hot glue
  • To make the head, roll the brown pipecleaner into a spiral, leaving about an 1 1/2" unrolled.
  • To make the beak, wrap the orange pipecleaner around the outer spiral of the brown pipecleaner.
  • To make the wattle, fold red pipecleaner around the beak.
  • Glue two wiggle eyes the front of the head.
  • For the legs and feet, fold yellow pipecleaners into three toes and bend at the ankle.
  • Fill tulle circle with candy, and fasten in the back with a rubberband. The fluff in the back forms the tail feathers.
  • Stick legs into candy-filled tulle bag and add the head on top.
Smarty Party Tip: Make turkey treats into place cards by simply attaching a name to the leg of the turkey. Or turn into thank you favors by adding a tag that says "I'm thankful for you!" . Thanksgiving Turkey Treats | For more Thanksgiving inspiration, be sure to visit our Pinterest boards – Thanksgiving Recipes and Thanksgiving Ideas. Much Party Love, Smarties! Ashley Styling: Ashley Dolan RSVP to the Smarty Party!
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