Tablecloth Size Guide - Banquet Tables

Milena Kukurekovic

Not sure what size tablecloth you need for your banquet table? This tablecloth size guide will show you how tablecloths will look on different tables and help you determine which tablecloth is best for you.

When we talk about tablecloths, the idea is pretty simple. They are a protective cover laid on tables to protect them from scratches and stains. Unfortunately, some people find tablecloths an unnecessary expense. That's why they don't end up buying tablecloths for their events. 

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13 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tablecloth! 

What if I tell you tablecloths are essential to level up your party game? They are used as a decorative element to set the event's mood. 

The way the tablecloth is laid out makes it fit the ambiance, regardless of whether it's casual, formal, etc. Table linens always add elegance to any event. 

Plus, the table linens also give more comfort to your guests. They won't have to rest their hands on the hard surface. Also, since the table clothes catch spills, the tables are kept clean. So you will avoid sanitary issues. 

Table linens save you a ton of money. Do you wonder how that is possible? So, as we all know, table clothes are a barrier against stains and scratches and the table. When a tablecloth is stained, it is pretty easy to clean. You just have to wash it with water and washing liquid. But when the wood is stained or scratched, it is expensive to clean and mend. You need various waxes and polishes and some extra effort, which will make you regret not having a tablecloth. 

I am someone who hates the "clunk" sound, which is heard when something is kept on the table. It irritates me so much. Table linen acts as a barrier between the table and the object, which mutes that annoying sound. 

Some people don't buy table clothes because they get confused with the sizes. I know it is sometimes a hassle to choose suitable tablecloths. If you are someone like that, I am here to help you. Not sure what size tablecloth you need for your banquet table? This tablecloth size guide will show you how tablecloths will look on different tables. This guide will help you determine which tablecloth is best for you. 

Take The Party Vibe Up A Notch!  

Do you have an informal occasion? A birthday party, brunch, or an outing with friends? If so, the half drop, a.k.a. 15" drop, may be a good choice for you. The half drop will fall to your lap when you are seated. And the Table legs will show. Still, because it is a small tablecloth, it has a great price! The 60" x 102" tablecloth will drop 15" (halfway to the floor) on a 72" (6 ft.) banquet table. 

You are really not a fan of the half drop? If you do not want a half drop or a full drop, you may want to try out a 60" x 126" tablecloth on a 6 ft banquet table. The 60" x 126" tablecloth will fall 3" above the floor on the ends and fall to your lap (when you are seated) on the long sides. However, there is an added advantage to this table cloth. DO you want to know what it is? More of the table legs get covered. Let us be honest here; none of us wants to see the table legs! 

So you are a fan of half drop. But you have many guests, so you are using a long table. Are you wondering whether I have any suggestions for this situation? Well, yeah, I do! If you want a half drop, but you have an 8 ft. banquet table (96" table)? Then the 60" x 126" tablecloth is perfect for you. It will give you a 15" drop on an 8 ft. table. 

Are You Looking to STYLE UP Your Engagement?

You are looking for tablecloths for an engagement party, business meeting, or wedding ceremony. So when you are having a more formal event and want to make sure those less than desirable table legs are covered… In my opinion, a full drop is best for you! You will want to choose a 90" x 132" tablecloth for a 6 ft. banquet table (72" table).

For someone looking for a tablecloth that will fall to the floor on a 6 ft. banquet table and eliminate the extra material on the corners of the table, the 86" x 128" is for you! The 86" x 128" tablecloth has rounded corners, and it is a great way to knock out tripping hazards for your guests.

What tablecloth size should you choose for an eight feet table? The 90" x 156" tablecloths will fall to the floor on 8 ft. (96") banquet tables. And the 86" x 152" tablecloth will drop to the floor on an 8 ft. table. This tablecloth has rounded corners to help prevent your guests from tripping. I am a fan of tablecloths with rounded corners if you ask me. There's a reason why. I was a guest at an engagement party of a friend. So, of course, I was all dolled up. Imagine the shame I felt when I almost fell face flat after tripping on their rectangular tablecloth. Yeah, I am sticking with round-edged tablecloths for life. 

My Personal Favorites!

I would like to suggest White tablecloths for formal events. And level up the look of the table by using complementing colors for napkins! For example, you can use gold, beige, yellow, navy blue, and purple! 

I think using bright, fun colors for tablecloths is a must at a casual party! Imagine how pretty the tables will look with pink, red, and green colored table linen. How can we forget all the silk, patterned, striped tablecloths? If you are not a fan of plain-looking table linen, those are perfect for you! 

Stay tuned for our tablecloth size guide for round tables. 


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