Snaz Up Your Cup with a Cupcake Wrap


Looking for a quick and dirty way to add an extra pop of pizzazz to a dessert bar? This one is simple. Use cute decorative cupcake wraps around the outside of a plastic cup for decoration. I used mine with a layered pudding parfait, but it works for drinks, fruit, chex mix or any other snack, and you could even try layering cake, whipped cream or custard. If you do go for a pretty layered dessert, try using a die cut cupcake liner like our Red Foil Swirls Cupcake Wrap so you can still see all your pretty work. [caption id="attachment_47363" align="aligncenter" width="475"]9-oz-clear-plastic-party-cup-drink-glass 9 oz Clear Plastic Party Cup Drink Glass[/caption] Complementary Smarty Products:
Red Foil Swirls Cupcake Wraps 9-oz-clear-plastic-party-cup-drink-glass
Red Foil Swirls Cupcake Wraps 9 oz Clear Plastic Party Cup Drink Glass
For more easy and exciting DIY projects, follow our DIY board on Pinterest! Party on, Smarties! Ashley
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