#SmartyScarytale - Halloween blog post #3

#SmartyScarytale - Halloween blog post #3

Milena Kukurekovic

Halloween Games

Gatherings - the times in our lives when we feel happiest. No matter what the occasion is, we enjoy spending time with our friends, family, neighbors and laughter. Halloween, being one of the most interesting themed holidays, gives us a lot of opportunities to expand this partying around. Among others, Halloween games! Check out a few of the ideas to make some more interesting times to the kids and adults around you.

Pumpkin Hunt

Suitable for all ages and quite easy to prepare for it. All you need are the bags and certain amount of pumpkins (fake or real). Hide them at different places around the yard or a house so they have interesting time looking for them. The hunt will perfectly animate the kids and everyone else around.

Mystery Box






 Also pretty easy one. You only need a box that you will decorate (paint black or similar) and cut a hole wide enough to put the hand in, yet narrow enough for the contestant not to see what’s inside. Your guest may think that inside the box are skulls, fingers, dead animals, yet what you are going to put inside are a completely simple everyday items. Just let your and others’ imagination do the job :)


Halloween Jinx

This game is one of the most practical, due to the fact that you need no materials except of paper cards and a pen. Very interesting one, and - the best of all - it lasts through the whole party. You are about to think of a list of words (try to think of the ones we mostly use in everyday talks) and write them on the cards - each card for each guest, and every card has the same words on it. The point is for everyone not to say those words the whole night, and whenever someone does everybody will yell out - “JINX!” and that person is out of the game. The last one who makes no mistake - wins!

Mummy wrap

For sure interesting and again really easy game. The kids are going to love the adrenaline of it. Just make sure you get enough toilet paper… And don’t you worry, you will not have your guests lined up in front of the restroom :) Split the kids into teams of two. One is wrapping and the other one is going to be the mummy. Play them some music, and as soon as the music stops, the one that is most mummified wins the game. Make sure you think of some interesting prize for the winner.




Halloween Story Game

Something that could, also, come out interesting, funny and for sure creative, is a Halloween Story Game. Think of the story prompt that you’re going to put on the invitation for your guests to come up with a story starting with the same line (ex. I was up in the middle of the night and heard something in my attic/basement…) Have your guests vote in the end to choose the most creative one and try to think of some small prize the winner is going to get.

Those are just some of many ideas in the huge pool of Halloween game and prank ideas you can imply to your party to create the perfect #SmartyScarytale. Your guests will have a great time and enjoy a lot of laughter, and the kids around you are going to be perfectly happy (and for sure, tired enough when it comes to time to go to bed :)

Remember, sleep with one eye open...

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