#SmartyScarytale - Halloween blog post #1

#SmartyScarytale - Halloween blog post #1


Since the beginning of time, among all civilizations, people used every single opportunity and reason to gather together and celebrate. From the invention of fire, through the pagan rituals, to the galas, birthdays and showers today, whichever reason, we take a chance to socialize and have a good time. Exclamation point on the word “motive!”


Halloween, unlike most of the others, has a completely different concept. The very thing this holiday is wrapped around is being scared or trying to frighten someone. Therefore, during centuries, this tradition had evolved among most of the nations in the world. From the greatest varieties of costumes, trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins and lighting bonfires, to divination games, watching Cujo, playing pranks and visiting haunted attractions, cemeteries etc. 

The fun around this holiday lasts a little longer than one single night. For days, even weeks in advance everybody runs around in order to buy their Halloween supplies, decorations, costumes, and piles and piles of candy if they don’t wish to find numerous eggs splashed all over their doors and windows. Everyone’s houses are filled with spider nets, monster dolls, people making ghost sounds, and carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, to place them on their windows in order to scare off Stingy Jack.

No party goes without food

Of course, after all the preparations, trick-or-treating, decorating and putting on the costumes, it’s party time! Like most of the other celebrations, the one thing that won’t be missed is food. Everyone enjoys the dinner in order to sleep well and full after a good time. Or, if nothing else, it would be much more effective to scare someone when deeply asleep.

So what are you up to this Halloween?

Make sure to check out our #SmartyScarytale #Halloween blog posts as the holiday is coming up, to find many interesting ideas on Halloween food, DIYs, party themes and other stories. Don’t forget… Halloween is coming… Sleep with one eye open ;) 


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