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Uros Krstic

Greetings Smarty readers! You may have noticed a new blogger on the block around here lately and I thought I should give you all a proper introduction. My name is Ashley and I'm the latest contributor at Smarty Had A Party. I'll be serving up the newest party trends, recipes and DIY ideas for your enjoyment. I won't lie - I have a flair for the wacky, unique and downright silly. I fit in well here at Smarty. I love animals, Foo Fighters, and being creative. If I were a super villain my theme song would be No Leaf Clover. My weekends usually consist of gardening and tackling a good DIY challenge, which means I'm addicted to Pinterest. My step-kids tell me that Thrift Shop by Macklemore was written about my Goodwill fetish. When I'm not crafting clever quips for Smarty's blogs and social media outlets, I spend my time volunteering for Gateway Pet Guardians, a local animal rescue here in St. Louis. In addition to DIY home decor, I'm also an avid cooker/baker so look for lots of Smarty blogs involving my own kitchen creations. If there's any topics you guys want to hear about, let us know! We love feedback at Smarty - so much so, we have a feedback box on our homepage. Let us know how awesome you think we are (because you know we think YOU'RE awesome)! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="130"]ashley2 Look! It's me![/caption] Party on Smarties, Ashley
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