Green Bean Napkin Fold Tutorial

Green Bean Napkin Fold tutorial from Smarty Had A Party.

We call this the Green Bean napkin fold. It almost looks good enough to eat, doesn't it? You can make this napkin yourself, just follow the Green Bean napkin fold tutorial and you'll have your place settings looking beautiful in no time!

Learn how to fold this napkin with the Green Bean Napkin Fold Tutorial #SmartyHadAParty

Smarty Tip: Add pine cones to each place setting and attach a tag that says "I'm thankful for...." Before dinner is served, have your family and friends write a few things they are especially thankful for this year. After dinner, go around the table and share what you wrote on your tag. It's great way to remember the reason for the season! [caption id="attachment_48937" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Green Bean Napkin Fold from Smarty Had A Party Willow Green Satin Dinner Napkins, Twist Gold Napkin Rings, 7.5" Gold Dots White Plastic Salad Plates, Majestic White Plastic Dinner Plates[/caption]

Add pine cone to place setting with

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Much Party Love, Smarties! Ashley 2 Photo Styling: Ashley Dolan & Ashley Riley
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