Glitter Galore Party Inspiration

Last week, I was lucky enough to experience my second Wedding Salon NYC event and being as I am a glitter fanatic, I wanted to show you all my absolute favorite glitter inspirations!

Give your glasses wings by adding a butterfly to the base.You can find mini butterflies here and they can be easily attached with glue dots. So pretty!

Try these Smarty glasses.

Another idea could be to use paper butterflies as place cards. Either cut out a butterfly shape using cardstock or buy them here. Write or print each guest's name on the paper butterfly, make a slit on the bottom of each, and then slide one on the rim of each wine glass.

How gorgeous is this winter wonderland inspired place setting? Obviously there is plenty of glitter here to go around! ;) Love.

Get a similar look with these Smarty products. Click on images for details.

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xo Esther

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