Sparkly Edible Glitter Cupcakes

Uros Krstic

The world got a bit brighter (and sweeter) with the introduction of EDIBLE GLITTER CUPCAKES. Remember those projects you used to make as a kid with glitter and glue… Turns out sparkles are not only meant for the classroom because they have officially entered the kitchen, too! Decorate your desserts with these edible sparkles and the lucky recipients of your delicious creations may not be able to take their eyes (or their mouths) off their shimmering goodness! Have a birthday party, bridal shower, anniversary, wedding? Sparkling desserts are versatile for any event since they can be made in the form of any cake or pastry and they can be found in any color. You can even invent colors by mixing different ones together. Use the glitter to decorate cupcakes, cakes, cookies, ice-cream, chocolate balls, cake pops… The sky's the limit! Or should we say your pantry?! [caption id="attachment_45533" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Glitter Desserts[/caption] Shown above is a great way to display your finished desserts. The tray with tasting forks can be found at Edible glitter can be purchased on many online retail sites, including the two listed below: Enjoy! And make sure to post pictures of your creations on the Smarty Facebook page! xo Esther *Product shown was created by Bedazzle My Bonbons. Bedazzle My Bonbons FAQ: What is the bedazzled coating made of? The coating is a combination of sanding sugars and food coloring, that has absolutely no texture or taste to it and is completely safe for all ages. The main ingredient in our product is starch based (similar to gum arabic), however, it is truly the PROCESS, and not the product used that creates the "Bedazzled" effect...and that is our trade secret!
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