Easy DIY Photo Booth


Everybody loves an oh-so-fun photo booth as a party activity, but some of them are extremely elaborate and kind of a pain to put together. Today I'm going to show you a super easy DIY photo booth that my sister-in-law put together for our other sister-in-law's high school graduation party.
She started with two tikki torches and a wooden stake to use as a frame. She attached a large picture frame to the stake with zip ties (through the metal hangers on the back corners), added a couple of folding chairs for sitting and some fun cut out sunglasses, hats, lips and mustaches for props and voila! Super simple photo booth. Click on the interactive photo above for more details! photo booth For more great DIY ideas for your party or event, start following our DIY board on Pinterest. Party on, Smarties! Ashley Photo and styling credit: Meghan Fritsche
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