How to Make a S'mores Roasting Station

Milena Kukurekovic

Hello, smarties! I am planning my stepdaughter's birthday party. So, I thought of taking you all along the way. You can also use our party ideas that catch your eyes at your events. 

Put Old Things to Good Use 

When my stepdaughter told me she wanted a white-chocolate fountain instead of cake at her 18th birthday party, I knew the attic needed a visit. After all, this is an excellent time to use the chocolate fountain we'd gotten as a wedding gift but had no occasion to use it until now.

Looking for inspiration is an excellent way to start planning a party and get distracted too! 

I wanted to make my darling's day fabulous, just like she is. Everything needs to be perfect, and I needed the inspiration to do that. My go-to place for that has always been Pinterest. And to my delight, I found so many different ideas I could implement. 

While I was at it, I stumbled upon my stepdaughter's page. So I had a little peek at the Pinterest board entitled "My Graduation or 18th Birthday Party". I discovered a tabletop s' mores station that used Sternos to roast the marshmallows. How adorable would it be to roast your marshmallows, squish them between two graham crackers, and then dip them in the chocolate fountain? Then roll it in sprinkles, chocolate chips, or whatever little goodies we can. So, yes, we are making a s'mores station!

Making the S'mores Roasting Station

To create the s' mores station, I filled a serving bowl with coffee beans and placed a Sterno in the middle, pushing it down just a little. Lighting the Sterno will also heat the coffee beans and create a fragrant coffee aroma. I recommend using metal fondue sticks rather than wooden skewers. Why is that? Because wooden skewers can catch fire easily.

Use a chocolate fountain to complete a DIY tabletop s' mores station (dip the s'mores in the fondue fountain!).

Once you've roasted the marshmallows over the Sterno, place them between two graham crackers and dip them liberally in the chocolate fountain. I mixed in a few pink candies melts to give the white chocolate a cute pink tint.

Create a DIY tabletop s' mores station using a Sterno with sprinkles and chocolate chips for garnish.

What mini treats did I have to garnish the graham crackers? 

I used gold sprinkles, white chocolate chips, and crumbled graham crackers for s'mores garnish. After you've dipped your s' mores, sprinkle them with a garnish of choice!

I used gold sprinkles because they looked gorgeous on the pink-tinted chocolate.

I also prepared a platter of strawberries and cherries; since we are using the chocolate fountain, the kids can dip the fruits in, decorate them in the sprinkles and enjoy! 

Cupcakes Instead Of a Cake

Since my daughter didn't want a cake, I had to think of something to prepare instead of a cake. That's when cupcakes came to my mind. They are cakes in tiny, after all. Plus, they are easy to make and decorate too! 

I combined two cups of sugar and two cups of butter first. Then I incorporated four eggs into that mix, one at a time. Then in went a dash of vanilla. After I gave that a mix, I added two cups of all-purpose flour and whisked it away. This is optional, but I like to add another dash of vanilla extract after adding flour. Then I baked my cupcakes in an oven set at 180 degrees Celsius for about 16 minutes. After cooling them down, I decorated them with buttercream and edible pearls. (I used the 2d piping tip to create the roses)

Table Setting

My stepdaughter and I are fans of wooden furniture. So we covered our wooden tables with a pink floral table runner for her birthday. The color was her choice. What color were the napkins? They were pale pink. I used a mix of light pink plates and pattered white plates. Our cutlery was silver-colored. 

The Centerpiece

The centerpiece was one of my DIY projects. To make it, I used, 

  • Paper lanterns (I used the paper lanterns that include the wireframe.) The used paper lanterns were 8" and pale beige-colored. I didn't want the table to be only pink. It'll be overwhelming. Beige is a color that goes very well with pink. 

Here's a tip for my Smarties: Remember, when choosing between colors, choose shades of the same color or colors that go well together.

  • 16 oz Plastic Cups
  • Flowers - I used pink and peach-colored flowers. (Roses are her favorites)

First, I took the paper lantern and bent the wire circles at the top of the lantern up. Then I carefully placed a 16 oz plastic cup inside the lantern. Then, I bent the circles back down and inserted the wireframe around the plastic cup. After that, with the help of a pitcher, I filled the cup with water. Finally, I arranged the flowers, and my centerpiece was complete! 


I set up number balloons that read 18 and a Happy 18th Birthday banner. I also used balloons, streamers, and fairy lights. 


You are only 18 once. So, I decided to serve some of my stepdaughter's favorite food items on her special day. Not the most perfect list of food, but Macaroons, donuts, pizza, tacos, chips with salsa and guacamole, cheese and crackers, burgers, pasta salad, and fries was what I served to her friends. 

Birthday Gift Ideas

I thought of gifting her a chocolate box, some flowers, candles, bath bombs, make-up, and jewelry items. Hoodies, wearable blankets, succulent or scrunchies. 

What else do you think I should add to her party the next time I plan it? Let me know in the comments below.

White chocolate-dipped smores with gold sprinkles.

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