DIY Pinata Napkin Rings

Milena Kukurekovic
Learn how to make diy piñata napkin rings on our blog! | DIY pinata napkin rings are a great way to bring any Cinco De Mayo, birthday, or other party to life. Color, texture, and personality are just a few of the things the pinata napkin rings will bring to your party. You can even customize the napkin rings by using your favorite colored napkins. Learn how to make these DIY piñata napkin rings which are perfect for parties and Cinco De Mayo! | What you need: Step 1: Gather your materials. Step 2:  Cut paper napkins to your desired size. We cut each colored paper napkin approximately 4.75" x 3.5" and used 5 different colors. Step 3: Lay your colored napkins out in order and get your tape & cardstock ready. Step 4: Tape your first colored napkin to your piece of cardstock. We cut each cardstock piece to be approximately 5" x 3.75". Step 5: Continue to tape each colored napkin onto your piece of cardstock leaving about 0.5" in between each napkin. Step 6: We are almost there! Step 7: Cut slits into each layer of your pinata napkin ring leaving about 0.25" in between each slit. Now that our napkin ring is ready to be put onto a napkin, let's fold our napkin...burrito style! Learn how to fold your napkin burrito style - perfect for Cinco De Mayo! | What you need: Step 1: Fold the polyester napkin in half two times. Step 2: Fold the napkin in half diagonally (creating a triangle shape). Step 3: Start rolling the napkin beginning at the point of the triangle. Step 4: Finish rolling your burrito napkin. Step  5: Adhere the pinata napkin ring around your burrito napkin fold. We used tape to adhere the napkin ring. You can also use glue or a mini stapler to secure your napkin rings. Feel free to tuck your silverware into the inside of your burrito, a.k.a napkin, and viola! For more Cinco De Mayo inspiration, check out our seven-layer dip recipe. Party Seriously, Smarties! Jackie Styling: Jackie Carper & Kenwin JonesSubscribe to our email newsletters here.
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