DIY Painted Stemless Wine Glasses

Uros Krstic
DIY Painted Stemless Wine Glasses + cocktail recipe! |

Give your stemless plastic wine glasses a creative boost! Whether they're making an appearance on your party bar cart or they're holding your signature wedding cocktails, DIY painted stemless wine glasses only take a few minutes to make and the silver adds so much class. We're also sharing a pretty pink cocktail recipe for Valentine's Day.

How to paint stemless wine glasses! |

What you need:
  • stemless plastic wine glasses
  • silver spray paint (we used sterling silver)
  • Washi tape (or any tape that will remove cleanly)
  • paper napkins (to keep the paint from getting on the rest of the cup)
Step 1: Tape around the stemless plastic wine glass, lining up the edge of the tape with the widest part of the glass. It's important to keep that bottom line as straight as you can because that will create the top line of silver once you spray paint. Step 2: Unfold a paper napkin, wrap it around the top of the glass and tuck inside the mouth of the glass. Tape the napkin to keep it wrapped tightly. Make sure only the base of the glass below the line of tape is exposed. Step 3: Flip the glass upside down to spray paint. Spray the exposed part of the glass according to spray paint instructions. (Wear gloves while spray painting!) Let the paint dry and then remove napkin. Step 4: Gently remove tape from glass. Time to fill your glasses with a pretty pink cocktail! How to paint stemless wine glasses | Cocktail recipe:
  • 1 bottle of moscato
  • 8 oz. vanilla vodka
  • top off with strawberry soda
  • garnish with fresh strawberries on party picks
DIY Painted Stemless Wine Glasses and Valentine's Cocktail Recipe | Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipe | Pair this DIY and drink with our Valentine's Inspired Wedding Tablescape Ideas for the perfect table. Valetnine's Inspired Place Setting with bright blooms! | Looking for more Valentine's ideas? Check out our Valentine's Day Fondue blog. Much Party Love, Smarties! Ashley Styling: Ashleigh Murphy, Jackie Carper, Ashley DolanRSVP to the Smarty Party!
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