Diy Flower Ball Wedding Centerpieces

Spring blooms are a must when it comes to seasonal wedding decor, but traditional floral arrangements can get expensive. Hanging flower balls are a fun alternative - however, depending on your venue, it can be difficult to hang them. We took the style of the hanging flower ball and added a little Smarty-ness to it! To create this unique centerpiece, we turned our Leafware mini bowls upside down, transforming them into pedestals. Add these DIY flower balls and you have the perfect spring and summer wedding centerpiece!

Not only are these flower balls an affordable option, but the centerpieces also works for both indoor and outdoor venues. They're low on the table, which allows for easier conversation between guests, and they're easy to transport and set up. Follow along for an easy flower ball centerpiece tutorial! And if you're digging a garden theme, pair these wedding centerpieces with our garden-inspired wedding ideas. Follow along for an easy flower ball centerpiece tutorial!

What you need:

  • Leafware mini bowls
  • styrofoam floral balls (we used 3 inch and 6-inch foam balls)
  • hydrangea silk flowers (we used 2-3 flowers for each centerpiece)


Step 1: Hot glue styrofoam floral ball to the bottom of a Leafware mini bowl and hold in place until firm.

Step 2: Cut hydrangeas into bunches.

Steps 3-4: Cut individual hydrangea flowers leaving only the plastic base of the flower.

Step 5: Use the plastic base of the flower to secure the flower into the foam ball.

Step 6: Repeat until foam ball is completely covered.

If you're swooning over this style, shop our fabulous Party Supplies! Much Party Love, Smarties!
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