DIY Paper Lantern Vase Centerpiece

Milena Kukurekovic

Hola Smarties! How have you been these days? I have gone to a few parties this past month. And there was one party accessory that caught my eyes. Can you guess what it is? Let me give you a hint. It is an upcoming trend, and I think it will be so for some time. Do you want to know whether it's a lantern? You are not wrong! It was a paper lantern!

They Are Not Meant To Be Hanged Only! 

Paper lanterns are fun and vibrant party accessories on their own. But I wanted to try and use it as something other than a lantern. That's when I got my first idea. We can use it as a vase! So I wanted to share a few ideas for using a paper lantern. 

So here's how to make a paper lantern to the next level with this creative centerpiece idea! You can quickly turn lanterns into gorgeous vases with this tutorial. A paper lantern vase makes such an elegant presentation when filled with flowers. It is sure to be a showstopper at your next event or wedding. Plus, you won't be spending a hefty price on the centerpieces. Paper lanterns are super affordable, after all! 

Here's What You Are Going To Need:

  • Paper lanterns (purchase the ones that include the wireframe) - we used 8" chocolate-colored lanterns. 
  • 16 oz plastic cups
  • Flowers - we used a mix of cream and eggplant-colored blooms (You can choose flowers that fit your theme) 
  • You have got your hands on all the necessary items? Then why wait any longer? Follow our instructions and turn the lanterns into vases! 


Step 1: Take the paper lantern and bend the wire circles at the top of the lantern up. 

Step 2: Then place a 16 oz. Plastic cup inside.

Step 3: Bend the circles back down and insert the wireframe around the plastic cup. 

Step 4: Next, fill the cup with water. I suggest using a pitcher to do so. You can avoid spilling the water because a pitcher gives you better control.

Step 5: Finally, arrange the flowers inside the cup to your liking, and your centerpiece is complete! Doesn't it look so pretty with all the flowers? 

Here is a Smarty Party Tip: You may want to assemble centerpieces on the table you plan to display them on. I figured it makes them stay upright. 

Idea Number Two 

You don't want to use natural flowers but want a centerpiece similar to my idea? I got you covered!

Find yourself some:

  • Wire stem flowers (these are available in the craft shop. Remember to buy them in colors that go with your theme)
  • 8" Paper lantern (We used white ones)
  • Paper Doily (We will use them on the lantern. Get enough doilies to cover the 8" paper lantern)
  • Double-sided tape

You have found all the things I mentioned? Well then, let's get started.

Instruction to follow:

Step one: Take the paper lantern and set it up by following the instructions.

Step two: Cut a few doilies in half. Use the double-sided to stick them around the lantern opening (You should form a circle around the opening with the doilies)

Step three: Follow the same step until you cover the entire lantern (You can overlap the doily paper, don't worry)

Step four: Then, take the wire stem flowers one by one and wrap the wire around the wireframe. Continue to do so until you are happy with how the flowers look. (When you are done, the wires wrapped inside should not be visible) And you are looking at a centerpiece that is pretty put together

For A Kids' Birthday Party 

If you are organizing a birthday party for your kid, I have a small idea for you! I am sure the kids will love this! Get some crêpe paper, white paper lanterns (or any color you want), battery-operated fairy lights, and glue. This is what you should do. Cut shapes that suit your party theme out of crêpe paper. And then stick them onto the lantern using glue. Finally, place the fairy lights inside the paper lantern. These will look pretty in dim light. I hosted a Halloween-themed birthday party once. I cut bats out of black crêpe paper and stuck them on orange paper lanterns. Let me tell you, after the lights were off, the glow of the fairy lights inside the lantern made them look so pretty! 

You can use the crêpe paper to make ruffles on the lantern too. This will level up the look of the lanterns for sure.

I have a fourth method for you all. This was all over TikTok, and it looked so magical. I really wanted to have these. So, here you go.

The Magical Cloud

This will look spectacular at night. I used these lanterns in a fairytale-themed, and my guests loved it. Get yourself,

  • Paper lanterns (we prefer light-color light-colored does not matter a lot, though, because we will end up covering the lantern in the end. I recommend using an 8" or paper lantern or any medium-sized lantern).
  • Wool batting (Pillow batting)
  • Glue (we recommend hot glue, you need this to stick the wool batting onto the paper lantern. If that is not available, Fabric adhesive will work well too).
  • Battery-operated fairy lights (this one is a must)

Step one: Apply glue onto the wool batting and stick it onto the paper lantern. Continue until you have entirely covered the lantern. Then, you can push the pillow batting with a wooden rod.

Step two: Place the fairy lights inside the paper lantern to make it glow. And voilà! You are looking at a cloud lantern! 

The final idea was inspired by a hot air balloon. I am yet to try this one out! Here's how I think we can make this. First, we have to attach a stick to the lantern. (It should look like a balloon on a stick). Then we have to securely attach the stick to the bottom of the small basket. We can use marbles to add weight. Then add craft flowers to the small basket for decoration. Finally, we can decorate the lantern too. 

I will bring you the proper method after I try this out myself. 

Until next time.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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