Clear Plate Place Setting Idea

Milena Kukurekovic


Hello there! How have you been? I have a newfound liking! For what exactly? 

For plates, more explicitly speaking, clear plastic plates. 

So those are what I have been using for the recent parties. So I thought, why not share some of my ideas on how to dress up clear plates with you all. It is a good idea, right? Here's why choosing a pretty or proper surface is essential to placing clear plates. These plates are see-through. So it goes without saying you can see the underneath of these containers, so the food won't look appetizing unless you set the transparent plate on a clean, beautiful surface. 

Idea Zero  

Use a good table cloth! It can be patterned, colored, or textured. It will immediately make plates look better than they already do.

Idea Number One - Give Doily Paper A Go! 

You can prettify your clear plastic plates in seconds by adding a little frill underneath your plate setting! For this clear plate place setting idea, I added doilies under clear plates. The doilies I used doubled as place cards for my guests too. I used regular paper doilies, printed my guests' names on them, then placed one doily under each transparent plastic plate, and voilà! Setting clear plates on top of doilies creates a great dimension and a beautiful all-in-one-place setting! 

Idea Number Two - Try Using Placemats!

My second idea for setting clear plates is to use a patterned placemat. I love using bamboo and natural fiber placemats because of their textured look. They are pretty elegant and fun. Plus, they are eco-friendly, which is always good. I am also a fan of wooden placemats for their unique look. The whole thing looks terrific when placed under the clear plates. My go-to placemats for outdoor parties are the twig and cork placemats. They just have this rustic look that is mesmerizing under clear plates! And before I forget, the crochet placemats are my favorites too! I have a whole collection of them. 

Suggestion Number Three - Paper Napkins for the Win! 

You should definitely try using paper napkins. This is how you can do it.

Unfold the patterned or textured paper napkin and let it act as a placemat!

As you can see in the picture below, I unfolded a printed dinner napkin for a little extra pattern underneath each doily. Mix up the colors and patterns of your underlays for a bold look, or keep them simple and neutral for a more elegant setting!

Here's My Fourth Suggestion for Y'all - Leaves and Flowers! 

Hear me out. This idea works well when hosting an event in spring or summer. Use big leaves such as cinnamon fern and monstera leaves! Dried baby's breath, Cream Veranda roses, Hydrangeas, and lavender look stunning under these clear plates. You can always try with the flowers and leaves of your choice too!  

We Are Onto Tip Five - Cutting Shapes!

This method is easy and quick when planning an event for your child! You can use decorative, glitter, and crêpe paper to cut out shapes the kids love and place them underneath these plates. You can cut shapes that fit your theme too! Your kids are going to love this, just like my niece did. What did I place under her plate? I cut out the faces of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse! 

Are you planning a rustic outdoor party? But don't you know how to make the clear plates you got to fit the look? Stop your worries. Find some wood charges and place the containers on them! So easy and quick. This look can be taken a notch by placing pressed flowers and leaves between the charger and the plate! 

Hint Six - Fabric! 

Take linen that has been cut to the required size. You can paint on them and place them underneath. You can put your inner embroider to task and stitch something on them. Or you can buy pretty linen, cut it to your preference, and use it! The possibilities with linen are endless! 

Who Said You Couldn't Reuse!

We all have come across beautiful shopping bags. Some of them we have kept just because of their look. So why not put them to use. Reuse them to dress up your clear plates! This method doesn't even cost a thing! 

Is it ideal number nine? Yes, it is! You can use wreaths! Imagine all the different moods you can set. You can use leaf wreaths, flower wreaths, or even raffia wreaths!

Can I use posters and magazine covers? Why yes, that's a brilliant way to use them! Good thinking, folks.

Another great way to level up your clear plates is to place them on stained glasses. The shadows those will create will look amazing! I love using stained glass as plate charges. But I only use them when I am not serving kids! 

Take Those Damaged CDs Out!

The kids love this idea of mine. Take some discarded CDs. They can be used to make so many decorative items. Then remove whatever is on the CD using tape until it is clear. Then get to decorating it. Let your kids be involved too. They will have so much fun painting on these! You can use acrylic paint, glitter, sequins, beads, or anything you want to decorate. As I always say, a bit of personal touch never hurts anyone! And after they dry, use them to place the plates on.

Use Pintables, Folks!

This method is a lifesaver when you host an event for many children! Don't get me wrong, I love children, but keeping them entertained for a long time is sometimes tricky. Print something the children can color and place them under the clear plates! Don't forget to put crayons and colors near them too. And my friends, you have hit two birds with one stone! In front of you are a happy child and a leveled-up plate! 

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Let us know which idea was your favorite. And if you have more ideas, it will be a pleasure to hear them. 

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Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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