Brand Spankin' New: ContemPlate

Milena Kukurekovic

Hello there, Smarties! How have you been? We have been a bit busy working on a surprise for you all. And it is time we share it with all of you! Are you ready for the big reveal? We are releasing a new collection! 

Do you want to know what the new collection is called? 

Making waves at this week is our brand spanking new ContemPlate collection! 

The Details!

Let me share some details about our new plates with you.

  • Our brand-new beauties come in four lovely colors: Black, White, Clear, and Copper.
  • And before you ask, yes, they are disposable dinner plates!
  • Do our new plates come in only one size? Absolutely not! Here at Smarty had a party; we love having varieties and choices. So, there are a plethora of sizes you can choose from, including mini and serving platters.

Shout Out To Our Inspiration!

Are you curious about our new collection? So, what exactly inspired us to create this collection? 

That is a good question, and we would love to answer it. We have always been madly in love with the sea. We love the calmness and the power it oozes. We also love the pretty colors of the coast; we can never take our eyes off. So, what better inspiration did we need? So, we thought of using the colors of the ocean on our plates. And now, looking at our new collection, it was a darn good decision! 

You Are Always In Our Minds!

This happy news sure does call for a party. While we did celebrate this new drop, we wanted to do something fun for our smarties, too! So, here is another piece of happy news for you. To celebrate the introduction of our coastal-inspired ContemPlates, we're holding a 12-hour sweepstake. This will be on Tuesday, July 30th! All you have to do is Enter to win one of the beautiful beach-themed table settings you will see below.


Table Setting Ideas! 

How can you pair these plates? Do you need some good ideas? Not to worry, we have that one covered. Here are some of our takes on the ContemPlate collection! 

We even named our ideas! And yes, you probably guessed this one. The names were also sea and coast related. Can you guess the name of the first idea?  

Our first look you can create is called,

Ocean Tidings


To create this look, you will need 

  • A tablecloth (we used white ones. White tablecloths help achieve the flawless and put-together look)
  • Napkins (we used aqua blue colored ones!)
  • Silver-colored utensils
  • The white plates from our ContemPlate collection.

We used a lovely wooden table. You can use any table you want; it will be covered with a beautiful white tablecloth anyway. We are focusing on the colors of the calm sea. Which are beautiful blue and white. To achieve the blue, try using Aqua blue napkins. This will work well to create a beautiful contrast. This is how we used our napkins. 

We placed our white plates on the laid-out napkins. 

Then, we placed the silver-colored utensils beside the napkins.

You can use food, snacks, and drinks to elevate the oceanic vibes! I am thinking blue moon, blue Hawaiian, or blueberry mojito for drinks. 

The second table setting idea you can work on is named,

Seaside Elegance


For this look, we suggest using,

  • Wooden tables
  • Centerpiece 
  • Candles
  • Napkins (we used black aqua)
  • The clear plates 

This table setting gives off a laid-back yet put-together vibe. We used a white wooden table since we weren't using any tablecloths. Seashells were used in centerpieces. Floating candles! The water in the glasses was colored blue to suit the oceanic ambiance. Unlike our first look, we used folded napkins for this look. What we did was to take black aqua napkins and fold them lengthwise. Then wrapped them on our clear plates. Since the plates were clear, it created a pretty cool look. We think silver-colored utensils will complement this look more. 

Our third table's cape idea will be,


Naturally Nautical

This table setting is suitable if you are going for a laid-back look. 

You will need napkins, a centerpiece, and a wooden table for a naturally nautical setting. 

To create this idea, we used our blue contemplates. Why did we use the blue plates? We think the navy color brings out the power of the ocean. We are obsessed with wooden tables, so that is what we used. For the centerpiece, imagine a navy blue base, a wooden ship, and some green. Perfect, right? The napkins we used were white. The white is the ideal complement to our beautiful plates! And for the utensils, we used gold-colored disposable utensils. Our glasses were gold-rimmed, too. This is not strictly necessary, but it is aesthetic! 

What do you think about our third table setting idea? Let us know on our page! 

The last idea we want to share with you all is called, 


The Hidden Treasure

This table setting works wonders in pirate-themed events. To create this fun look, you will have to get,

  • Tablecloth 
  • Party favors 
  • Centerpiece 
  • The copper plates from our collection 
  • Black napkins 
  • Copper-colored utensils 

We are thinking of a table laid out with a white or black tablecloth. We love the black better. Try this look at your child's next pirate-themed birthday party. Our disposable copper plates will look magnificent when laid on the black or white tablecloth. Remember to use Copper-colored utensils to suit the color scheme. A rustic-looking centerpiece will level up the casual vibe. Place the black napkins on the plates. We suggest folding the napkins to look like boats! Copper-rimmed glasses will be a beautiful compliment, too. Treasure boxes filled with chocolates will be a good party favor for kids.



Don't Miss Your Chance. Try Your Luck At Our Sweepstake!

Three winners will be randomly chosen to win one of the coastal-inspired place settings featured in this blog. How many plates will a lucky winner get? Each winner will receive 8 place settings. Visit the sweepstakes page for more information on the Smarty 12-Hour Summer Sweepstakes.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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