Impressive Bohemian Brunch Idea

Milena Kukurekovic

Hola, Smarties! Are you someone who lives freely without much regard for rules and such? Do you often find the urge to be somewhere you'll be away from all the conventions? Even if it's not entirely possible to live an unconventional lifestyle, parties are a great way to live that life for a few hours. And bohemian-themed parties especially allow you to do just that!

I love boho-themed parties. There are so many things you have the freedom to do. You can mix and match the colors and use any cutlery and utensils. And, of course, you can be super comfy!

Plan a Party, But Do It Yourself! 

Create a comfortable and carefree atmosphere that reflects your free spirit! Then, celebrate the moment with a Bohemian Brunch for you and your guests. You will have the time of your life if your guests are your best friends! 

First things first, do away with the uncomfortable chairs! Just set up a coffee table and layer the floor with comfy pillows — mix patterns and colors to get that free and laid-back ambiance. But stick to a color palette when doing so. Using colors that don't go well together creates a cluttered look, which is stress-inducing. What we want is a casual and relaxed ambiance. If you can't use a wooden table, pop a brown or any wooden colored table cloth on a low table! Why wood, though? Because a wooden table has an elegance and casual aesthetic to it.

What was our color pallet like? We chose hot pink, orange, and navy as the primary color palette for our Bohemian-themed party. However, you can also use colors like yellow, green, red, brown, and gray. Play with the colors to find the combination that suits your preference.

Okay, now, what can you do for the decoration? Use natural beauties like flowers and leaves to decorate your boho brunch. Used wine bottles, fairy lights, lace, and dream catchers can be used too. Did you know that Teepees are a good boho brunch decoration too? The mini version can be used as a centerpiece for your tables. And the large version decorated with laces, flowers, and fairy lights can be used to take beautiful pictures for your Instagram!

Now that you know the central aspect that helps set the aesthetic let's move to the main element of any party, The Food!

Food Ideas for the Free-Spirited!

You can serve nuts and salads to munch on. Nothing can go wrong with cheese, too. Since a boho brunch is a casual affair, you don't need to prepare any extravagant food. Simple yet delicious food like sandwiches, pasta, glazed chicken, burgers, and pizzas are great for a boho brunch.

Anything served in a jar looks and tastes more yummy for some reason. So cupcakes, fruits, and cream served in jars can be served as dessert. Don't let anyone stop you from serving donuts and cookies! If you can add some glitter and sparkles to decorate the food, you should go for it!

Drinks to Quench Your Taste! 

Water infused with cucumber, strawberry, or lemon can be served as non-alcoholic drinks. Pink lemonade, Strawberry basil crush, and iced tea make refreshing drinks too! You can make ice cubes by adding chopped-up pieces of fruits and cucumber to add a pop of color to them! Mojitos are a great choice of drinks too, folks! For those who are wondering whether you can serve kombucha, my question is, why not?

Coconut cocktails, Bohemian cocktails, and hippie juice make great alcoholic drinks with their sweet, fruity taste. They give us the perfect homely taste! And how can we not be swayed by their pretty colors? One of my friends suggested the Pear & Pub Ale Party Punch; thank god she did! And, how can we forget good old mimosas? They are literal heaven!

Table Setting Matters! 

Let's move on to another essential element of any party, shall we? Can you guess what it is? Utensils? Yes, of course. What's the point of having delicious food if you don't try to plate them up beautifully?

For the place setting, we used our gold charger plates because their unique design lends itself to the free spirit of the Boho style. We also used the palm leaf eco-friendly disposable plates to serve our snacks. 

Our refreshing drinks were served in clear elegant stemless plastic wine glasses and clear stemless plastic mini goblets

We tied together with our baroque cutlery with a navy ribbon and set it on each plate. Next, we folded the gold napkins in thirds and laid them under each plate.

Why the mix and match? Because boho brunches are all about that homely feeling. Not everything needs to be proper. So you don't have to worry if your mixed choices scream harmony.

Any Time Spent With Loved Ones Is a Time Well Spent!

You can make friendship bracelets, play board games and take a drive through the memory lane. Live at the moment with the freedom the boho brunch is giving you!

Our Favorite Tips for All Our Flower Loving Smarties for Creating Their Own Bohemian Brunch:

  • Tip number one - Keep the water fresh – the flowers you use for decoration will live for over a week and sometimes two weeks with fresh water! Always keep the leaves out of the water – it prevents water contamination!
  • Tip number two - To keep the work light but the look interesting, create a variety of monochromatic floral arrangements.
  • Tip number three - Let your creativity runs free. No one says the arrangement has to be pure flowers – mix it up with some textured greens, herbs, branches, and fruit!

Mimosas were a must for this brunch! And pillows, don't forget pillows!!!

DIY Rosette Pillow

What you need:

  • rosette chair cap (we used navy and Fuchsia)
  • zipper
  • pillow insert


  • Stitch zippers into the open side of the chair cap
  • Unzip and place pillow inside
  • Zip back up, and your pillow is complete!

*Allow for 1-2 pillows per guest!


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!


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