Blooming Bouquet Napkin Fold Tutorial

Blooming Bouquet Napkin Fold Tutorial

Milena Kukurekovic

What's up, Smarties? Looking at all these flowers so vibrant, all the happy animals, the green, I think I have caught it...the spring fever. The spring is not even fully here! Do you wonder whether you have it too? If you're inspired and drawn in by the pop of spring colors and are ready to design bright events, you've caught it, too.

A beautifully arranged napkin can easily add style and elegance to any setting. Napkins are an element of decoration too. So today, I thought of sharing a few napkins folding methods to use in the events and parties you host this spring! The blooming bouquet fold I'm about to show you is so easy! While waiting for spring's full bloom outside, bring flowers and vibrant colors to your tablescapes with this bold and brilliant napkin fold.

Follow our tutorial, and you'll have stunning place settings in no time at all.

The Blooming Bouquet Fold 

What you need:

  • Polyester dinner napkins. We used our beautiful ivory dinner napkins.
  • Ribbon. We used light pink.
  • Flowers. We used artificial floral stems from our local hobby store. Although we have to say, Fresh flowers work great in this fold, too.

First, fold the napkin in half and find the middle point on the fold. Then, roll the napkin from right to left to make a cone shape. Next, cut about a 30-inch length of ribbon of your choice and tie it around the napkin. Finally, tuck the flower inside for that pop of spring!

You will love to know a flower fold? Our second and third napkin folds are just that! 

The Rose Flower Fold

What do you need for this fold? You only need Polyester dinner napkins for this. We used our pretty pink ones. 

  • Step one - Lay your napkin flat. Then turn it diagonally. It will look like a diamond shape.
  • Step two - Now, fold the napkin in half to form a triangle (The bottom corner of the napkin should be folded up to the top corner)
  • Step three-  Then roll the bottom of the napkin upwards. Stop when you have about 2 inches left from the top. 
  • Step four - Now roll the rolled-up part horizontally all the way until the end. And tuck the corner into the roll.
  • Step five - Sit it up and fold the two remaining ends of the napkins downwards. They will act as leaves of sorts.
  • Step six - And then flip the napkin. You are looking at a beautifully rolled-up rose.

The Flower Fold

For this fold, too, we use only a napkin. We used our yellow one for this look. Lay the napkin flat on a surface. Then fold a corner of the napkins to the center. Next, fold another corner to the center. Continue folding all the corners to the center of the napkin. Then place a firm hand in the center and flip the napkin over. Now, again, fold the corners to the center of the napkin. Then underneath these four folder corners are flaps. Pull them out. Then pull the petals a little up, and you are done! The corners we got after folding the four corners to the center act as the petals.  

Fold Number Four

You will need a napkin and a flower for this fourth fold. 

  • Step one - Lay your square polyester napkins down.
  • Step two - Fold it in half.
  • Step three - Fold the napkin in half again. (It should look like a square now)
  • Step four - Rotate the napkin to have the edge facing away from you.
  • Step five - Then, fold the first layer of the napkin down.
  • Step six - Next, fold the second layer down. You don't have to fold all the way down. Leave about 1-2 centimeters from the first layer.
  • Step seven - Flip the napkin over gently. And then fold the left corner to the center.
  • Step eight - Fold the right corner over to the center too.
  • Step nine - Flip over again and place your utensils and a flower inside the pocket created! 

This fold is very elegant looking, right? 

Our fifth fold idea is for you if you love our fourth method but want more pockets.

Napkin Folding Method Five

We used our blue polyester napkins for this look.

First, lay the napkin flat. Then fold it in half. And fold it in half once again. Just like in method four, fold the first layer down. Then fold the second layer down and tuck it inside the first layer.

Similarly, fold the third layer and tuck it inside the second layer. Then, flip the napkin over carefully. Next, fold the napkin vertically from right to left. And you are done. This technique will give you three pockets. You can tuck your utensils in one pocket each. Tuck one or two flowers in for that spring feeling!

The Bunny Napkin Fold

Easter and spring go hand in hand. So why not fold the napkins in a way suitable for both occasions. And bunny napkins fold does just that. It reminds you of both spring and Easter. Find our polyester napkins and ribbons.

  • Step one: Lay the napkin flat. Then fold the napkin in half.
  • Step two: Fold the napkin in half horizontally once again.
  • Step three: Fold one corner up to the center along a line. 
  • Step four: Fold the other corner to the center along the line. (The napkin should look like an up-side-down the house)
  • Step five: Now, fold the hanging top two corners to the center. 
  • Step six: To meet along the middle line, fold the outer corners in and down. The two points that look upward act like the rabbit ears.
  • Step seven: Flip the folded napkin. And then fold down the top corners.
  • Step eight: Flip over and fold the outer corner so they overlap. Finish off by tying it with a ribbon.  

Blooming bouquet napkins are the perfect touch to your spring party tablescapes! | Smarty Had A Party

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Do you know any exciting napkin fold ideas? We would be glad to hear them. 

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Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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