Majestic Floral Wedding Centerpiece

Milena Kukurekovic

Smarties, imagine dreamy, white, elegant, and perfect. What picture did it create in your mind? A wedding! Of course, let's talk about weddings a little today, alright? Guests, delicious food, kisses, music, alcohol, cakes, dances, farewells, bouquet throwing, and flowers are some parts of a wedding ceremony.

As we all know, a wedding can be rather extravagant. The decoration, flowers, food, and centerpiece make a wedding memorable apart from the guests. That's also why they are pretty expensive elements of a marriage ceremony.

Some brides and grooms don't want to make their weddings expensive affairs. That's actually a wise decision, in our opinion. The newly wedded couple can use the saved money for more important matters in their lives, such as buying a house, etc. In addition, these brides and grooms reduce the cost of their weddings in many ways. For example, they only invite intimate friends and family, have child-free weddings, rent out the attires and decorations, get help from friends, and use Do-it-yourself projects.

(DIY) Paper Lanterns Vases

We are with do-it-yourself (DIY) project-loving smarties! 

Here is how to make a beautiful centerpiece for your special day. 

Before we get to the directions, we want to clear some of your doubts about this centerpiece. Is this centerpiece going to cost an arm and a leg? No! Our do-it-yourself (DIY) centerpiece is very budget-friendly. Our idea is to turn an ordinary paper lantern into a beautiful table centerpiece and bring a soft, delightful glow to your unique wedding party!

These paper lantern vases can also be used at birthday parties, baby showers, or any event. Are you excited? We are equally happy to share our method of doing it.

We were looking at paper lanterns and wondering how else to use them. That is when we got this fantastic idea. Of course, paper lanterns are already fun and vibrant party accessories. Still, we're taking them to the next level with this creative centerpiece idea! You can quickly turn paper lanterns into gorgeous vases with this tutorial.

This DIY centerpiece allows you to mix and match colors to coordinate your wedding. You can customize them to your liking, and your wedding centerpiece will have your personal touch, making it more special. Plus, guests will never guess how easy and affordable these centerpieces were for you to make.

A paper lantern vase makes for an elegant and stylish presentation when filled with flowers. These paper lantern vases will be a showstopper at your next event or wedding.

Let's get started, then. What are the materials you are going to need to make these lovely paper lantern vases?

You will need:

  • Paper lanterns (Make sure to buy paper lanterns that include the wireframe.) -You can buy paper lanterns in many sizes. Choose the lanterns depending on the theme of your wedding and the look you want to achieve. We used 8" chocolate-colored paper lanterns in our marriage ceremony. 
  • 16 oz Plastic Cups
  • Flowers - we used a mix of cream and eggplant-colored blooms. 

Why did we use these colors specifically for flowers, and should you also stick to the same? The theme colors of our wedding were cream and purple. And no, while you are welcome to use flowers of the same color, you don't have to do so. 

    How to Make Paper Lantern Vases?

    Smarties, you are ready with the materials? Okay. We have given the directions for making the paper lantern vase below.

    • Step 1: Take the paper lantern and bend the wire circles at the top of the lantern up. Then carefully place a 16 oz plastic cup inside.
    • Step 2: Bend the circles back down and insert the wireframe around the plastic cup. Use a pitcher to fill the cup with water. We don't want any spilled water, do we?
    • Step 3: Finallyarrange the flowers to your liking, and your centerpiece is complete! 

    Now you can continue making as many centerpieces as you want.

    Making the paper lantern vases wasn't that hard, was it? We always got your back, smarties.

    As always, we are going to share some suggestions with our smarties!

    Let us talk about paper lantern colors, shall we? The colors should be chosen depending on the wedding you want. If your wedding follows a classic, all-white, elegant theme, you can select paper lanterns in the colors white, cream, beige, gold, or silver. Those colors will definitely compliment the all-white look. If you are not a fan of a classic wedding and having a colorful theme, there are many colors of paper lanterns you can choose from. Remember to choose colors that go well together so as not to create a messy and overwhelming centerpiece.
    Do you want to add more beauty to the paper lantern vases? Then, you can add fairy lights! They will complement the flowers and also give a more aesthetic look.

    What flowers can you use in these paper lantern vases? Honestly, you can use any flowers you want. Don't forget that some flowers can be found year-round, while some are available only in a particular season. It's good to stick with flowers that complement the aesthetic of your wedding.

    Why is that? Since we are using them as centerpieces, they will ultimately be in the line of people's vision. And a wedding is a place of perfection, and we don't want to unintentionally create an overwhelming or underwhelming look. The roses and garden roses, peonies, lilies, ranunculuses, dahlias, sweet peas, hydrangeas, anemones, and hellebore are perfect flowers for a classic wedding. Since almost all these flowers come in various colors, you can mix and match them to create the ideal combination of flowers. Florists especially recommend anemones for black and white-themed weddings. On the other hand, if you love a more laid-back and casual approach and are having a rustic wedding ceremony, there are plenty of flowers you can choose from. Gypsophila, protea flowers, lilacs, carnations, eucalyptus, sunflowers, larkspur, freesia, and snapdragons are some flowers you can use.


    Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

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