4th of July Paint Fight Fun Party

Milena Kukurekovic

"It's the 4th of July today!" What came into your mind after reading that? If your mind immediately went, today is the Independence Day of the United States of America; we think alike, my friend! 

So, how do people in the USA usually celebrate on the 4th of July? They organize parades, concerts, and carnivals, go on picnics, firework displays, light up bonfires, etc., and have a good time with their families and friends. The citizens of the USA also raise their country's flag, volunteer for a good cause, and give speeches on this day. Here's a question for you. What colors and shapes can you see in decorations on this day? Stars, red, blue, and white? You are correct!

What's Great About the 4th Of July? 

Families and friends have a good time on the 4th of July. It's all about fun and games on this day. So, we have come up with an idea, more of a game, to make your next 4th of July celebrations fun. Make your Independence Day more memorable than just your average fireworks show, and celebrate the July 4th weekend with an exciting snap crackle and a pop! Treat your children, friends, and family to an exciting day of holiday paintball fun!

Usually, when you put on your cleanest, whitest clothes, you're not about to get the dirtiest you've ever been, nor do you think about it. But then, where is the fun in it? The joy in a Paintball fight is getting messy, colorful, and tired, isn't it?!

Want to Try Paintball Fighting On the 4th Of July?

"Paintball fights are tiring to organize. Where will we organize it? Who is going to wash all those paint stains? I am tired just by thinking about it." A paint fight may sound challenging to organize, but there is nothing too tricky about it when you find a proper location. We suggest using washable paint, which saves a lot of effort. So, if you don't mind having blue and red stained grass until the next rain, you can host the party in your backyard. Otherwise, find some woods or a deserted park and get your Smarty Party on! 

The Guest List: How many people should you invite? We decided to ask a solid ten people to join in on the fun for our paintball fight. An even number of guests is ideal, so you can easily divide into two teams. Playing in two groups is more competitive and exciting, and you also develop team spirit. You can form as many teams as you want. Remember that the more the groups, the more paint colors you need!

Let's get started with the preparations, shall we? 

Getting Started

The first thing we need for a paint fight is paint. So let's talk all about paint. We bought two one-gallon bottles of both red and blue paint. We got to stick with the colors of the day, shouldn't we? We figured that two gallons of paint per team of five would be enough to let each person fill his or her water gun approximately three times. Don't worry about getting too much color because you can always pour any extras on an unsuspecting teammate. We all love to be a little mischievous :) 

Since the paint is too thick to shoot out of the guns as it is, we had to water it down. To do that, we bought three 5-gallon buckets. We poured the two gallons of red paint into one bucket, and into another, we put the two gallons of blue color. Next, we filled the third bucket to the top with water. We did this before arriving in the woods, where there was no water supply. Then, we split the water between the two buckets of paint and used our hands to mix. You can, of course, use a stick or any other tool to mix if you don't want to get your hands dirty just yet! We bought bucket spouts to pour the watered-down paint into our guns but found another, more manageable way to do it. We figured it was easier to fill empty water bottles with the color and use them to transfer the paint instead.

As we said before, we decided to invite a solid ten people to join in on the fun. Why did we stick to an even number? An exact number of guests is perfect when you are feeling extra competitive. So you can easily divide into two teams and have the ideal time of your lives. Let's just tell the more people you can get to join, the more fun you will have! So keep in mind to invite an even number of people, folks. 

We have got the main element ready. What do we need next? Weapons to wage war against the other team! Let's get our hands on some beautiful water guns, shall we? There are endless choices of water guns, water guns that shoot long distances, water guns that shoot short distances, etc. You can pick any water gun you like. But we recommend that you find ones that hold at least 750 ml. The farther the guns shoot, the better for you! We want to color as many opponent team members as we can!

Water Balloons on a Paintball Fight?

Another weapon for the paint fight? The water balloons! We bought water balloons intending to fill them with paint and use them as extra ammo, but that idea of ours flopped. Why? Because the balloons we bought were too small and fragile. So water balloon-loving smarties, here's a suggestion for you. If you want to go the water balloon route, get sturdy, giant balloons that can easily stretch. Remember to bring a tiny funnel too. You can insert the funnel into the balloon opening to fill the balloons more easily without creating any mess.  

Starved After Paint Balling? 

After being part of the paint fights, all our tired smarties will surely crave some delicious food. So, of course, there is nothing easier than serving hot dogs in buns, various chips, and beer, so that is precisely what we did. We also brought ketchup, mustard packets, and a bunch of disposable plastic platescups, and cocktail napkins to keep things simple. And don't worry, Smarty has everything you need to have a blast in honor of the RedWhite, and Blue! 

Throw a paint fight party, and we promise it will be one 4th of July everyone will remember! And this is one type of party we never want to miss, so make sure to share your pics on the Smarty Facebook page.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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