3 Chiavari Chair Sash Ties

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3 Chiavari Chair Sash Ties | Smarty Had A Party

Smarties, If you've been to a wedding recently, the chances of sitting in a Chiavari chair are pretty high. The simple Chiavari chairs are, after all, very chic looking. In addition, the classy look of the chair makes it suitable for all birthday parties, wedding parties, awarding ceremonies, and any other special occasion.

You may wonder what exactly is a Chiavari chair. They are lightweight chairs with bamboo-shaped joints carved on their frame. Do you know how these chairs get their name? These classy-looking chairs were designed and made by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi in Chiavari, Italy. The chairs are named after the Italian city it was made in. 

Smarties, we have a question for you. In which year were the Chiavari chairs built? They were made in the year 1807. 

Chiavari Chairs, a Common Choice in Indoor Decorating

Chiavari chairs are a trending furniture choice for events because of several reasons. One reason is its stylish look. Another reason is it's lightweight. Due to their lightweight is easy to transport, move, and store. Chiavari chairs have narrow feet, so you can fit more people into the room if you use Chiavari chairs in your event. They also create a more vibrant look than ordinary chairs when compared. These chairs can also be stacked onto one another without being damaged. Chiavari chairs are made with resin, wood, and aluminum too. These classy chairs come in a lot of colors too. So they are easy to use to make your special days look elegant and perfect. All these reasons have helped their popularity reach great heights. They're used globally by event planners and caterers who appreciate their convenience. 

We love the structure of Chiavari chairs because they offer many options for chair sash ties, bows, laces, and chair coverings. They're so elegant, and their simple design adapts to any style of event. 

Smarties, today we will share different beautiful Chiavari sash tying methods with you. 

Some are called the Side-Swept Bow, the Satin Cinch, and the Woven Bow.

Method One - The Side Swept Bow Chair Sash

Here are the things you need:

Follow the below-given directions to tie the side-swept bow chair sash.

Step 1: Wrap the runner around the back of the chair, starting at the upper right, and then pull across the chair back.

Step 2: Tuck the runner's left side around the chair post on the bottom left.

Step 3: Tie the runner ends in a knot.

Step 4: Finish with a beautifully tied bow.

Smarties, shall we move to method two? 

Method Two - The Satin Cinch Chair Sash

What you need to tie this are three chair sashes for each chair. We used teal satin sashes, as our theme color for the event was blue. 

How to tie the sashes?

Step 1: Fold the first sash in half and place your hand in the fold. Pass the looped end under the chair back.

Step 2: Bring the loose ends over the top of the chair and feed through the loop. Pull taut.

Step 3: Fold the second sash in half and place your hand in the fold. Pass the looped end under the chair back. Then bring the loose ends over the top of the chair and feed them through the loop. Pull taut.

Step 4: Repeat the same process with the third sash too. And then you are done. 

Method Three - The Woven Bow Chair Sash

You will need one chair sash for each chair to follow this method. We used a pink organza sash

Step 1: Weave the sash through the chair's back.

Step 2: Then, wrap the remainder of the sash around the front of the chair and pull it taut. 

Step 3: Tie the runner ends into a beautiful bow. 

Method Four

Here's what you need:

  • Two vertical drops. We recommend using chiffon vertical drops. We used yellow colored ones.
  • Elastic bands - to tie the ends
  • Flowers or brooches that fit your theme 

Follow our directions to get a beautiful decoration for your chair.

Step 1: Place the drops on the two sides of the frame. They should be centered and fall equally on both sides. 

Step 2: Gather the tails of the vertical drapes in a bunch. And then secure them with an elastic band. Again, it would be best if you could use clear elastic bands. 

Step 3: Cover the visible elastic band with flowers of your choice. 

Method Five

You will need one sash per chair. We used lace and burlap sashes.

Step 1: hold an end of the sash in each hand.

Step 2: Wrap the sash around the front of the chair back.

Step 3: Cross the ends of the sash and loop one side over the other. 

Step 4: Tie a tight but neat knot.

Step 5: Find the longer end and flip it under and over the knot. And you are done. 

You can flip the long end over until you are happy with it; after doing so, keep in mind to smooth the flap.

We have a trick up our sleeves for the smarties that love a simple yet charming look. All you need is a ribbon. You can tie a small bow on one side of the frame. Leave the tails long. The ribbon will only elevate the look of the chair. 

Can't you use pearls to decorate Chiavari chairs? You can! All you need is strings of pearls in the color of your choice. Arrange the string to your liking and tie it to each side of the chair. Keep in mind to knot the ends of the pearl string. 

Are you having a rustic wedding? Wooden Chiavari chairs would be the best ceremony chairs. What if we say you can tie mason jars to the chairs, and it will look amazing? Hear us out. You must use a pretty ribbon to securely fasten the mason jar to the chair. Then carefully pour water into the mason jar. Place a small bunch of flowers in it. Baby's breath flowers are a great choice. 

Another method to elevate your simple Chiavari chair is by placing wreaths on the back of the chair. This method is excellent for the smarties planning an outdoor or rustic wedding.

Suppose you are not a fan of sashes or chair coverings. In that case, you can simply use removable seat cushions in the colors that fit your event to elevate the look of the Chiavari chairs. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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