Shiny Gold Moderno Disposable Plastic Cutlery Set - 20 Spoons, 20 Forks, 20 Knives, 20 Dessert Spoons, and 20 Dessert Forks


Shiny Gold Moderno Disposable Plastic Cutlery Set - 20 Spoons, 20 Forks, 20 Knives, 20 Dessert Spoons, and 20 Dessert Forks

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  • Pack: 20 spoons, 20 forks, 20 knives, 20 dessert spoons, 20 dessert forks (20 Guests)
  • Case: 300 spoons, 300 forks, 300 knives, 300 dessert spoons, 300 dessert forks (300 Guests)
  • Fork approx. length: 8.4"
  • Knife approx. length: 8.8"
  • Spoon approx. length: 8.1"
  • Dessert Spoon approx. length: 7"
  • Dessert Fork approx. length: 7"
  • Color: Shiny Metallic Gold
  • Material: Plastic
  • Disposable: One-time, single party use
  • Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene
  • BPA-free: Yes

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Events and special occasions call for lavish table decorations with extravagant embellishments and opulent accents. Thus, if you want every detail of your gorgeous tablescape to be perfect and beautifully coordinated to impress all your guests at a wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower, or any other fancy celebration, this luxurious, high-quality disposable plastic cutlery set is a must-have addition. Elegant gold spoons, forks, knives, and dessert spoons embellished with an exquisitely modern silhouette create this spectacular disposable Shiny Gold Cutlery Set that is sure to be admired by all your party guests.

The quality of the flatware at your party or event plays a major factor in how a guest views both you and the event. Shiny Gold Moderno Cutlery Set with 20 spoons, 20 forks, 20 knives, 20 dessert spoons, and 20 dessert forks is made of extremely strong, sturdy, and durable plastic. It is food safe and non-toxic with no harsh chemicals or hazardous impurities. It is BPA Free and Recyclable. These are heavy-duty and will not break. This cutlery set is extra pretty, making your guests appreciate that you care about the small details. The shiny look of this Plastic Cutlery Set makes guests think you brought out fine silverware for the occasion. Additionally, you'll save lots of time cleaning up. No washing: simply toss these cutlery sets when you are done and get back to your guests. This remarkably realistic disposable cutlery collection always impresses your guests at parties and weddings. Everyone will appreciate this heavy-duty place setting that perfectly replicates expensive fine flatware.