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Every event that you attend is going to help you see just why the little details always matter the most. You'll see that little touches that get forgotten stand out in the final effect when you attend the events. Or that a put-together table has the powerful impact of adding extra peal to your event.

So, now it's time for you to take on that same flourish by allowing Smarty Had a Party to support you. This collection...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use this Smarty's collection to create a cohesive tablescape?

After all, the plates and flatware are only part of the tablescape, right? Look at the value collection that blends with your plates, flatware, and cups. When you see just how easily they form a gorgeous place setting, it'll be easier to understand how you can pull together a tablescape that will impress even the fussiest guest!

Will gold flatware upgrade my event more than classic silver?

Both silver and gold are stunning and have flashy metallic touches. However, silver is more traditional, whereas glossy gold will upgrade events where you want to blend modern with royal. This elegant choice will be great for those who want something a little bit different yet still focused on the proper appeal of professionalism and effective design for your event.

Are Smarty's value sets designed to help me save money?

Yes! We believe you shouldn't have to spend your entire budget on dinnerware for your event. So, while our sets are designed to imitate glossy porcelain and classic ceramic, they are high-end plastic that will help you to enjoy a tremendous decorative appeal without the massive price tag to go along with it.

What events will this collection work best for?

There's no event that this can't really dress up. It can be excellent for ritzy wedding receptions and timeless birthday parties. But it's also great for a regular Tuesday night when you just want to enjoy something different to break up your routine!

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