Willy Wonka Wonderland Party Decoration

Milena Kukurekovic

Get ready to be transported to a place of wonder - a land where dreams come true!

A Willy Wonka-inspired party is where kids could be kids, and adults could reminisce on their childhood with sweet, sweet nostalgia. It is a land of candy, after all! Throw a party like this for your kids, and you may just win mom or dad of the year!

Here are a few table setting ideas based on the movie characters Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, and Violet Beauregarde (don't worry, I can't pronounce it either!): For all characters, use fun, colorful plates, and flatware. You can even switch off colors if you'd like.

We love these Smarty plates:

Colored Plates Smarty Elegant Disposable Plastic Dinnerware


An Idea for Augustus Gloop Sweet Table

  1. Fill a bowl with chocolate pudding and place it on top of a plate
  2. Choose any thin chocolate bars or wafers, unwrap them, and put them in the bowl of pudding so that the ends stick out
  3. Cover the room on the plate around the bowl with unwrapped chocolates, such as Hershey's Kisses and Rolos
  4. Fill the glass next to this plate with chocolate milk

An Idea for Veruca Salt Sweet Table

  1. Cover the plate with salt
  2. Place either a plastic gold egg or chocolate eggs in gold wrappers on top
  3. Fill a glass with milk to put on this plate
  4. If you want, you can add a mini balance scale with a taped-on sign that says "Good/Bad."

An Idea for Violet Beauregarde Sweet Table

  1. Put a bowl of blueberries on the plate
  2. Cover the area around the bowl with individually wrapped gum
  3. Fill the glass next to this plate with multi-colored mini gum balls

An Idea for Willy Wonka Wonderland Centerpieces 

  1. Place a white plastic dessert stands in the center of the table
  2. Put a large clear plastic bowl packed with candy on top
  3. Hang a Willy Wonka purple hat on one of the pedestals

Additional decorations:

  • Use icing to write the name of the character on a chocolate bar, then put it on the corresponding plate
  • Print pictures of Willy Wonka movie scenes and put them in colorful frames on the tables
  • Scatter miscellaneous candies on each person's plate

This is great fun for everyone! Everyone especially likes big candies and sweets that make it seem like you are in some magical children's wonderland! This party is fantastic, fun, and perfect for both boys and girls. What always amazes everyone is a big, delightful cake with so many details and ideas that are simply phenomenal.

The ideas that make a Willy Wonka's Candyland party fantastic are:

Willy Wonka's beautiful Candyland cake, a table with peppermint plates and large sweets and giant lollipops in the middle of the table, candy pillows, dessert table backdrop and more!

Willy Wonka-Themed Party

Alice in Wonderland

As a theme, you can organize a party on the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland decorations and themes are always popular with adults and children. Is there a better topic for fun than Alice in Wonderland, where everything is crazy, significant, and magical!? Another version of the Alice in Wonderland party is the Mad Hatter party. Organize this party theme with giant cookies, cards and teacups, mystical forests, and even a big cat.

Willy Wonka fun takes everyone back to their childhood fantasies of all things beautiful! Create a spectacle with your imagination and turn your party into a chocoholic's paradise with a giant Wonka bar, light-up boxes, charlie arches, and Wonka table centerpieces. Add giant candy canes, toadstools, grass mounds, and giant flowers. Have a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed party.

The Great Gatsby and Gangster Theme

We have some great ideas to bring this retro theme to life. From giant chandeliers, fluttering and elegant entertainers to sparkling draperies and stars, and tons of ideas to make your twenties party a huge success!

Fairy Tale or Cinderella Theme

Cinderella themes are popular with children, weddings, and parties. The themes from the Cinderella fairy tale are magic, fantasy, and kings. Place a castle, trees, draperies, and a magical forest and create a land where fairy tales come true!

Wild West-Themed Party

Get out the spurs and sassier and organize a Wild West-themed party with cavalry. Wild West parties are great for creating lots of wild west themed action. Create your interpretation of Blazing Saddles with wagons, hay, horses, and the stars and stripes. The theme of cowboys and Indians and themes of the Wild West are themes that children adore and are ideal for their birthday!

Create an outdoor movie night where we show the original Willy Wonka movie as an element of entertainment.

Before you let the kids into the Chocolate Factory, line them up against the wall like in the movie. Then he will pass by the garden of lollipops and sweets you have made. Next, scatter lollipops and candies throughout the house to create a candy scene.

If there's one thing kids love, it's candy. So Willy Wonka is the perfect opportunity for a colorful, fun, and cute party!

Children love to dress up as characters from the movie. Then, the entire cast is ready to party!

The invitation is one of the most essential elements of a Willy Wonka party, before all the sweets and choreography!

As a container for sweets, take glass jars and bowls. Ask friends and family if they have containers you can borrow. Make them available for guests to fill their candy supply to take home. Then, they will just collect sweets and treats throughout the night.

Place more candy and birthday cakes on the gift table with brightly colored lollipops and plates. 

A fabulous party like this deserves to be bragged about, so make sure to share your pictures on the Smarty Had A Party Facebook page


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party

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