When Sky Is The Limit - Literally

Milena Kukurekovic

When Sky Is The Limit - Literally

Today, most of the couples envision their wedding unique, different and out of the box. Many people nowadays choose not to limit their indoor space and wish for a great outdoor space wedding that encompasses their event vision. Whether it’s a beautiful seashore, or in a peaceful meadow, outdoor celebrations are extremely romantic because everyone gets the amazing feeling of reuniting with the very core of our existence - the nature. And if you manage to spend some quality time, carefully planning, your day can be, for sure, nothing but graceful and memorable.


The venue that is you

As with any other event location, you need to find something that fits your idea but also suitable for all the settings and logistics. When you're exploring for locations, make sure you consider all the options. Think about the season, the weather, the plants growing at the particular moment. Find a place with as much green as possible and you will see everything that goes along with it even more spectacular.



One among the most important things to have figured out is the site or the area which will be the center of the event. It is, also, very important for your perfect place to be easily accessible. There has to be an easy way for everything that needs to go in and out – this implying all the logistics, but also, your elderly or slow-moving guests.  There is always a spot for creativity, like when creating interesting and fun signs for your guests to see where are the important areas of your event. And if the space is really large, you can use some of it to create rest areas etc.


Don’t forget

What we really need to do, is to think practically and consider some of the situations that may put shade over our event and prevent them. This being a couple of things such as pre-visiting your location at the same time of the day as you're planning your event to happen, power sources and needs for a generator... If your event is happening in the evening you will need a proper lighting (hint: garden table and ground torches are a lovely and romantic way of solving this puzzle). See if your location can be sprayed or bring fans to ensure there are no insects. Choose the right tableware that fits the venue, (click on the links, to find some amazing recommendations for dinnerware, table and chair covers etc.). If you wish to be in a perfect synthesis with nature we can offer you some lovely eco friendly tableware perfect for these ideas. Also, make sure your food areas have a proper protection from insects and wind.


Sure it takes a bit of work but there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that you will have the perfect, flawless, and memorable day.

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