DIY: Floating Candle Centerpiece

Milena Kukurekovic

Hello Smarties! Here at Smarty had a party, and we follow a method that always ensures a successful event. So today, we thought of letting you on it too. Our secret is Mock-ups- when planning your event, don't be afraid to try a mock-up. So how do you figure out if your decor or table setting will look like the vision you had in your head? The best way to find out whether your visualization is satisfactory is to do a mock-up. We often run three trial runs for any of our ideas, which makes our result much better than our inspiration.

Here are some of the centerpiece ideas we tried when we began to plan events that are easy to do a mock-up on. Do give these ideas a try and add your personal touch to them.

DIY: Floating Candle Centerpiece

This centerpiece idea comes together in under a few minutes. And this uses items that are readily available in our houses and offices. The floating candle centerpiece is budget-friendly, allowing you to make large batches without spending much. Another reason why we like this centerpiece is that this can be used for any occasion, a birthday, an engagement party, a business party, or any other formal or informal event. Below are all the materials you will need to run a mock-up on this centerpiece.

You will need:

You can also use real flowers or rocks or color the water to your theme and add a floating candle. 

We tried this out for an engagement party that followed a white theme. After making three mock looks, we decided to pair masterpiece white dinner plates with silver charger plates. We used silver-colored cutlery and silver paper dinner napkins to complete the table setting. First, we laid the round mirror on the table to make the centerpiece. Then place the tall vase in the middle. Then put the artificial flowers inside and fill the vase with water. Next, we set the floating candle inside. We wanted to elevate the look of the mirror too-for which we placed light tea candles and rose petals on it. 

Here's another centerpiece idea you can work on with about four materials only. But, again, this idea is inexpensive, quick, and simple. 

DIY: Flower Vase with Glass Beads

As the name suggests, you will only need glass beads, a tall vase, glass or crystal clear disposable plastic cups, and flowers. First, take the vase and place it on the table. We suggest using a wide-mouth vase. Then place your clear cup or glass inside the vase. Now, fill the gap between the glass and the vase with glass beads. You can try using elements like wine corks, flowers, pine cones, small stones, leaves, shells, coffee beans, fruit slices, grains, or anything else you find around your house instead of glass beads until you find a good filler. After you fill the gaps, the glass or cup you used should be covered as much as possible. Then fill the glass with water until it's ¾ full and place your flowers. 

We suggested this idea for you to run mock-ups on: there are many filler options you can try on. You can also try using flowers like baby's breath, wildflowers, roses, and daisies. 

Our third mock-up idea saves money, time and effort yet give you a romantic centerpiece in the end.

DIY: Bowl, Pearls, and Candles

We used a bowl, a big candle, and pearls to try this idea for the first time. First, we placed the candle inside the bowl (in the center). Then we put faux pearls inside the bowl. These pearls elevate the romantic look of the lighted candles. The second time we tried this, we used one more element, colored glass. We took a glass that went with our theme and placed it inside the bowl. Then we put the candle inside the colored glass. And then, we filled the gap between the bowl and glass with pearls. We ended up lying this version better. As for our third attempt, we thought of replacing the pearls with flowers. And up until today, it was one of the best decisions we have taken. 

The candles, the bowl, and the flowers looked so chic. We had a fourth mock-up too. For this, we used a martini glass from smarty had a party, a bowl, candles, and pearls. We kept the martini glass upside-down and then glued the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the glass. This turns the bowl into a stand-like structure. Then, just like our first attempt, we placed the candle inside the bowl and filled it with pearls. Now, you can switch the pearls with marbles, stones, crystals, and other fillers you like. 

Our fourth mock-up idea is much suited for a beach-themed party. 

DIY: Tea Light Candles and Shells

Below are the items you will need to gather to make this idea. All these items are easily available and inexpensive. 

  • A bowl/wine glass (You can choose the container depending on the setting, for a romantic ambiance, you can use the wine glass)
  • Sand (we recommend using crafts sand for hygiene reasons. Natural sand can be used too, but the cleanliness can't be guaranteed)
  • seashells
  • Tea light candles with the inserts (needed when you are using the wine glass. If you are using the bowl, you can use normal candles instead of tea light candles)

First, take your container of choice and fill it with sand. Filling about ¼ or ½ is enough. Then place the seashells on the sand in any way you like. And then, hang the tea light inserts in the glass rim if you use the glass. If you are using a bowl, after filling it with sand, place the candle in before placing the shells. Smarties who choose the wine glass as the container can run many mock-ups by finding other suitable fillers to replace the sand.

Which mock-up idea was your favorite? We are eager to hear about your new ideas. Until next time, Smarty had a Party! 

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