Setting Up a Fabulous Mimosa Bar

Milena Kukurekovic

Hello, smarties! Planning your next party? Here's a little hint to make your next event extra fun. Make your celebration extra special with a fabulous mimosa bar! Any excuse for a holiday is just the right recipe for adding a little fizz to the day's festivity!

Whether you're hosting an engagement party, bridal brunch, baby shower, or a weekend get-together, Smarty has everything you need to quickly assemble a fabulous mimosa bar without putting a dent in your wallet! So, grab some yummy fruit juices, stock up on bubbly and call up your most sparkling friends. It's Mimosa time. 

Spring is full of celebrations, and a mimosa bar, overflowing with sweetness and color, makes a great refreshment station. Besides, we can all agree that it is a stunning display. Plus, it is practical. A mimosa bar lets guests design their colorful cocktails while offering a low-maintenance serving option for the hostess. Juice and fruit bring so many beautiful colors to the table. The only decor you need is a few fresh-cut flowers.

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Now that you are invested in the idea don't let us keep you waiting. Instead, read on to find out what you need to make a mimosa bar at your next party.

What you need:

  • Champagne (1 bottle per 8 mimosas)
  • Different juices (I had pineapple, grapefruit, cran-raspberry, orange, blackberry, and mango passion fruit)
  • Fresh fruit (I had lemons, cranberries, raspberries, grapefruit, limes, strawberries, watermelon, peach, and orange slices)
  • Ice bucket
  • Carafes
  • Bowls
  • Champagne flutes
  • Picks
  • Labels

    Have you gathered all the necessary ingredients? Then let's take the party to the next level without wasting more time.


    Setting up a mimosa bar is simple. 

    Step one: Start with placing the champagne in an ice bucket. 

    Here's a smarty tip: Keep in mind that the ice bucket should always have plenty of ice to keep the champagne cool. So why not add ice to the drink instead of putting the champagne in an ice bucket? The ice will dilute the drink, and we don't want that.  

    Step two: Then, fill the carafes with the juices of your choice. The juices we served at the mimosa bar of our last party were pineapple, grapefruit, cran-raspberry, orange, blackberry, and mango passion fruit.

    Step three: Next, put the fresh fruit into your bowls. We served lemons, raspberries, pomegranates, grapefruit, limes, strawberries, and oranges. 

    Step four: Set up champagne flutes on either end of the bar, and place a pick in each flute. The picks make it easy for guests to add fruit to their mimosas. We created "Cheers!" labels to attach to each pick and labeled all the juices. 

    Finally, all left to do is pour the bubbly, add some juice, top with fruit, and cheers! 

    If you feel fancy or love a touch of glitter, add edible glitter to your mimosas! 

    Now that you know all the must-haves for a mimosa bar let us share a few of our favorite mimosa recipes. 

    1. Peach and Berry Mimosa

    First, make berry and peach purée. To make the berry purée, you must blend frozen berries and sugar until you are satisfied with the consistency. Next, put the purée through a sieve to make it more smooth. To make the peach purée, blend peach and the sugar with a dash of lime juice and cold water until you get the right consistency and strain. Then place two tablespoons of each purée or any amount you like and top off with your favorite champagne. We used prosecco. Our choice of champagne for mimosas has always been cava or prosecco.

    2. Standard Mimosa With Something Extra

    First, take equal amounts of orange and pineapple juices. Then in a carafe, mix them. Pour a desirable amount of this juice into your flute. Then pour enough champagne. Garnish with fruits of your choice. We usually use thinly sliced strawberries. 

    3. Cranberry Mimosa 

    To make this fantastic mimosa, you need orange juice, pineapple juice, rose merry, champagne, and cranberries. First, pour equal parts of orange juice and pineapple juice into a pitcher. And then, pour half the cranberry juice into the same pitcher. Give the juices a good stir. And then fill the flutes about ¼ or ½ with the juice mix. Top off with any champagne. Finally, garnish with cranberries and rosemary. You choose to garnish only with rosemary, too.  

    4. Pear Mimosa

    Pour 1oz of pear juice into each champagne flute. Then top it off with champagne. You can garnish the drink with a slice of thinly sliced pear. 

    5. Mango Mimosa 

    This mimosa is our go-to in the hot summer. Add chunks of ripe mango into a blender, and make a purée. You can add sugar if you want the purée to be lovely. Then put the purée through a sieve to remove any chunks. Add about 1 oz of mango purée to your flutes and pour over champagne. Garnish the drink with small cubes of ripe mango. 

    6. Watermelon Mimosa 

    Get your trusty blender. Then add sugar and watermelon chunks and blend away. You have to strain the mixture to remove the unblended bits and pieces. Then get some lime and squeeze the juice into the watermelon purée. Next, place some purée in your champagne flutes and pour the champagne of your choice in. Cheers! 

    7. Pomegranate Mimosa 

    To make this mimosa, you only need pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds, and champagne. First, fill the champagne flute in half with the pomegranate juice. Then fill the rest with your champagne. Add pomegranate seeds as garnish, and you are done. 

    Smarty tip: For those who don't want to garnish their drink but want decoration on the flute, here's what you can do. You need lime and sugar. First, put the sugar on a plate. About ¼ cup of sugar is enough for 8 flutes. Then slice lime and run a slice along the rim of the flute. Then dip the edge of the flute in the sugar.

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    For more stylish station ideas, check out our Event - Food Displays board on Pinterest!


    Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

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