Grapefruit Mint Mimosa Recipe

Milena Kukurekovic
When we mix some Champagne or sparkling wine with any cooled citrus juice, we end up with a perfect nectarous glass of mimosa cocktail. Usually served at weddings and in some airline services for their first-class passengers, Mimosas are incredibly refreshing.
Mimosas in their pure form are near perfection, the citrus juice used in this delicious cocktail being orange. But we are sure our mimosa recipe with a twist will kick your next brunch bliss up to absolute brilliance!
We introduce you to the grapefruit mint mimosa, completed with a floral garnish. These aesthetically pleasing yummy drinks are the perfect refreshing drink for brunch or relaxing on a hot summer day. Our recipe is both simple and easy to make. The mint and grapefruit give an extra flavor over the typical orange juice mimosa. So whether you're planning an engagement party, bachelorette, Mother's Day, a wedding brunch, an Easter brunch, or you want to unwind and enjoy some you-time from your hectic life, the grapefruit mint mimosa makes for a stunning signature drink.
Pair these mimosas with Colorful Ziggy Dinner Napkins, and you'll create a marvelously chic look your guests will have a hard time forgetting! Black with gold, white with gold, and white with silver is the perfect color combinations you need that will level up the look of your dining table.
Grapefruit mint mimosa is our go-to brunch drink we love to prepare. The Grapefruit mint mimosa takes only a little time and is an absolute crowd-pleaser, both with the sweet taste and beautiful look. Our guests go gaga over these whenever we serve them. The specialty of our yummy grapefruit mint mimosa is the price. All the ingredients, when combined, won't cost you an arm and a leg!
This recipe, the ingredients, and the pieces of equipment we use have been our little secret for some time now. Finally, however, we can let you on two reasons why we love this recipe! 

One: We LOVE our stemless champagne flutes!

Two: The elegant combination of the grapefruit color, mint, and floral garnish screams, "Serve me at your next event!"

The floral garnish is a trend that is undoubtedly here to stay, and we can't think of a better place for it to make an appearance at your event than in these mimosas! The edible flowers we have used are Dianthus, which we chose for their dainty petals and pop of vibrant color. Dianthus has a sweet and spicy scent, with a flavor similar to cloves. We didn't eat the flowers; we just used the dainty flower as a garnish. But of course, if you want to eat the flower, you most definitely can! So here's our little advice for you. If you try using edible flowers, be sure to use organic flowers that have not been doused with pesticides and other chemicals.

You are curious about the recipe now, aren't you? We will not make you wait anymore. Below are the ingredients you are going to need. 

What you need:

  • One bottle of champagne
  • One bottle of grapefruit juice
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Dianthus for floral garnish - be sure to use organic flowers that have not been sprayed with pesticides.

    To make this perfection, you need to:

    Grab a stemless champagne flute and add the fresh mint leaves to it. Then crush the leaves with a muddler. 

    Can't seem to find a muddler? Go ahead and use a wooden spoon!

    After the mint leaves are muddled, pour the champagne of your choice and fill the flute halfway.

    Then top off with the grapefruit juice.

    Now that the delightful Grapefruit mint mimosa is ready, you can garnish it with edible flowers and serve it.  

    Grapefruit Mint Mimosa Tips

    If you fancy this refreshing drink cold, you can chill the grapefruit juice before using it. Can you add ice to the mimosa? Nope! Absolutely not recommended. We don't want to dilute this perfection with ice. If you are unsatisfied with the coolness of the grapefruit juice alone, you can chill the champagne using a wine basket! Keep in mind to replenish the ice basket, folks. 

    How to Serve Grapefruit Mint Mimosa?

    Although we gave you the recipe, we didn't tell you how many drinks you can serve, did we?  

    Stemless champagne flutes are 9 oz versus standard champagne flutes of 5 oz. If you are also using the same stemless flutes that we used, this recipe will make six divine mimosas you can enjoy!

    Couldn't come across Dianthus? Not to worry, you can use other commonly used edible flowers, such as lavender, orchid, and nasturtium, to garnish your drinks. If you are tired of the typical flowers, you can use bee balm flowers, linden, clover, or fuchsia as garnish. When you use flowers as garnish for any drinks or food, it is essential to ensure they are food-grade and free from pesticides. And if you are allergic to the recommended flowers, don't use them!

    You can use cremant, prosecco, or cava in making the mimosas. There's no need to use expensive high-end champagne to make this drink when the delicious grapefruit juice masks any unpleasant taste you are worried about when using inexpensive champagne. 

    We want to let you know what we think is best when served with our lovely grapefruit mint mimosas. Cheese and bacon Quiché, Huevos rancheros, frittata, fresh fruit with yogurt, and mini bagels are some side dishes that will surely please you and your guests. When these yummy side dishes are served on either our disposable dinner party plates or fancy disposable dinnerware sets, along with the mimosas, you will have aesthetic photos to post on your social media!

    We understand some of you are not fans of flowers in their drinks. You can garnish your yummy drinks with rosemary, thyme, small chunks of grapefruit, raspberries, or small slices of strawberries.

    You can freeze the raspberries and strawberries used to garnish beforehand to keep the grapefruit mint mimosa cool. For the adventurous souls who fancy a bit of spiciness in their grapefruit mimosas, we suggest you infuse your drink with pieces of jalapeños for that extra kick of spiciness.  

    We have a trick up our sleeves for those who strong love their drinks. Replace the champagne with Tequila! Make sure to add small amounts of honey and lime juice too.  

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