Fabulous Valentine's Day Table Decoration

Milena Kukurekovic

Fabulous Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here and you start thinking about your dinner table decoration? A lovely night with delicious food is the secret formula of this special day, but creating a intimate atmosphere and setting a romantic mood are also significant elements of this amazing night. Colorful, aromatic candles, flowers, and sweet edible decorations are simple, stylish, and beautiful details for table decorations - and you can express your love in your own taste by creatively arranging those items.

To help you through these exciting preparations here are some of the spectacular ideas:

  • Colin Cowie,  a famous event planner that celebrities turn to whenever they have a special occasion, made a cute centerpiece using a clear bucket, filled it with Sweethearts about a third of the way up, then added a pillar candle in the center.  What a nice idea for a beautiful family table with small children in the house!
  • To make a romantic champagne bucket, Cowie used a large plastic bucket, filled it half-way with ice then added some light cubes before adding a bottle of champagne. He used traditional red, but depending on your floral arrangement color, you can use pink, purple or a combination of all three colors instead and create attractive and eye-catching decor.
  • Cheesecake pops are all the rage right now. They basically are small cheesecakes on a stick (like a lollipop) in a variety of flavors with different toppings. Put them in a holding tray like Smarty’s Red Heart Platter Pleasers Plastic Trays for a nice presentation. This is a much better idea for Valentine's party than serving one or two types of cake.
  • Floral displays of various heights using mounds of flowers in shades of purple, pinks, and rosy reds. The rest of the table was white except for the napkins, whose color matched the flowers folded neatly on the plates using a pretty napkin ring.
  • Create the ultimate dining experience with these table decor ideas, besides some light candles, and some romantic, low volume, music.
  • If having a meal with a loved one, why not try seafood paella with homemade sangria?  The spiciness in the dish just may add a little spice to the night!

Have fun and enjoy celebrating your Valentine's Day!


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