Adorable Baby's Breath Wedding Bouquets

Milena Kukurekovic

DIY Baby's Breath Wedding Bouquets

Flowers! They remind us of all the delicate, elegant, cherished beauty in our lives. These astounding creations have a language of their own. We use them to show our loved ones the love, regret, support, and other emotions we fail to convey in mere words. Therefore, it's best to say flowers are a part of our lives, as we not only use them to express our emotions but also as decorations, tea, food, dyes, medicine, etc.
No matter what you're organizing, one tiny little flower will elevate your decorations. It may be a glamorous all-white wedding reception you are planning, throwing a rustic birthday party, making a flower crown, or you want a stunning centerpiece for your next event. There's one flower that fits every special occasion of yours: Can you guess which entrancing flower it'll be? If you thought of the baby's breath flowers, you are correct! Baby's breath bouquets are beautiful, sweet, versatile, and *super* affordable, and chic!
When we talk about bouquets, it's hard not to talk about weddings, isn't it? The ceremonies are completed with guests; delicious food, alcohol, cakes, dances, farewells, and bouquet throwing are expensive affairs.
Flowers especially can be an incredibly pricey component of a wedding. But there's a way these beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements can be yours without breaking your bank account. We'll show the elegant you how to make your own DIY fine baby's breath wedding bouquets!
DIY Baby's Breath Wedding Bouquets |

Let's start by saying why we love and choose baby's breath flowers for your bouquet, alright? The answer is pretty simple. We love the simplicity of the baby's breath; it's stunning, inexpensive, long-lasting, and available year-round, making it a fabulous choice for every special occasion. These delicate flowers have a meaning of their own. They symbolize everlasting love and innocence. If that didn't scream perfect for special events, we can't think of what does! It's pretty easy to elevate the look of these already perfect beauties. To dress the baby breathes up, you can simply spray the baby's breath with silver or gold floral paint, as we did in our bouquets. We used Design Master for the flowers in sterling silver and 24K gold. That's genius? What can we say?  

We come up with good ideas! We have seen many weddings with elaborate centerpieces on the head table. While it looks magnificent, it does cost an arm and a leg! We all agree on bridal bouquets looking magnificent, don't we? Want to save some money and still have a breathtaking centerpiece on the head table? Save on flowers by using bridal party bouquets as centerpieces for the head table! Yes, it is that simple. Our large plastic carafes make the perfect vases for the bridal party to showcase their bouquets at the reception. 

How to Make Baby's Breath Wedding Bouquets

Are you ready to make your own baby breath bouquet? Here's what you need to assemble your bouquet.

You'll need:

  • Baby's breath flowers.
  • Plastic wine carafe
  • Floral tape
  • Floral pins
  • 1.5" organza ribbon - we used Silver 1.5" Wired Edged Organza Ribbon
  • Silver and gold floral spray paint (optional)

Step 1: 

Trim the stems of the baby's breath at an angle. For example, trimming the stems at a 45-degree angle is what we recommend.

Step 2: 

Arrange the pieces of baby's breath together, intermixing the silver, white, and gold to create a rounded cluster. You can choose not to paint them silver and gold, but we suggest you do. The subtle contrast between the colors helps a lot in elevating the look of the bouquet. If you don't want to color them in two colors, you can opt for silver or gold. Ultimately, it is your choice.

Step 3: 

Repeat step 2 until you have enough rounded clustered to form your bouquet. Depending on the size of your bouquet, the number of baby's breath clusters needed might vary. 

Step 4: 

Hold the clusters together to form the bouquet once you are happy with the number of intervening baby's breath sets. After you've created a bouquet, hold the stems tightly and wrap the floral tape around them, starting at the neck of the bouquet. 

Step 5: 

After wrapping the bouquet with floral tape, grab the organza ribbon and cut it to the desired length. We cut our piece of organza ribbon to about 8-12" in size.

Step 6: 

Then, wrap the ribbon tightly around the stems. We need to cover the floral tape as much as we can. The visible floral tape is not much of a problem, but wrapping the floral tape is suggested for a more professional look.  

Step 7: 

Finally, insert floral pins upward into the stems to secure the ribbon. If you followed our directions correctly, you should be holding a beautiful bouquet of baby's breaths in your hands right now. 

Tips and Tricks for Your Flower Bouquet

If you place them in a water-filled vase, we suggest filling the vase until it is ⅔ full. Remember that the bouquet's stems should not touch the bottom of the vase. Also, mix a crushed aspirin, a bit of sugar, or flower food into the water. Can't seem to find those? You can add some pennies to the water, don't worry. These methods help to keep the flowers fresh. Do you have extra money to spare and don't want the bouquet to be baby breaths only? Try pairing them with tulips! Pink tulips and white baby breaths are a perfect combination. Aside from tulips, roses, stephanotis, Asiatic lilies, and calla lilies also go well with the baby's breath. You can wrap the vase in lace or paint the vase gold for a more elegant look. To create a more aesthetic look, you can also try placing the vase on books or wood coasters. 

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