Linen Care & Sizing Chart

Hey Smarties! On this page you can find a few very useful pointers on how to take care of your favorite linen.

You’ve heard that taking care of linen takes a lot of work - urban myth. This is, actually, quite an easy thing to do. Here are some of the things that would be great for you to do to make your linen maintain beautiful and new for a long time.

First of all:

Our tablecloths are not chemically treated to be stain resistant or wrinkle resistant - they will wrinkle and stain. You can also see the full disclaimer on the website. All tablecloths are folded and packaged in clear plastic sleeves, so they may have crease marks. Most of them can be ironed, or steamed.

Since the Linen Like tablecloths are a paper based product, they cannot be ironed.  They can be placed on the table or hung up to let the weight of the fabric pull the crease marks out.

As far for washing, you can find the instructions on the website by each product.

Store and transport:

There are 3 easy tips for you to manage to carefully store and transport your linen tablecloths:


1 - Once ironed or steamed, the table cloths should be folded lengthwise, folding as few times as possible, and hung on a padded hanger or a (heavy) drapery hanger.  Do not place on a wire hanger, as it will leave crease marks. Cover a plastic hanger with one of the following to reduce the amount of creasing:

  • paper towel core (empty roll). Split the roll up one side and slip over the hanger
  • self seal foam pipe insulation, cut to the length of the hanger
  • a piece of cardboard folded lengthwise to cover the length of the hanger

Hang the tablecloths on the covered hangers.


2 - The tablecloths can also be laid flat on a sheet, one on top of each other, after ironing (on the floor or on a table).  Place another sheet on top of the stack of tablecloths . Fold the stack as few times as possible, making it just small enough to lay down in a car, etc.  


3 - Iron the table cloths, lay flat, and roll them on an empty fabric bolt or pool noodle.  Stack several tablecloths together and roll them. Cover with a sheet and tie loosely.  


Do not store your Tablecloths in plastic bags.  Use acid free tissue paper for long term storage.