Disposable Plastic Dinnerware

Find the Best Decorative Plastic Dinnerware for Weddings and Parties

Blending your personal style with dinnerware will make for a great event that reflects your personal touches. Depending on the occasion, we spend weeks, months, and years planning our perfect celebration. By setting a table in style, we set every single detail so our guests can enjoy a piece of ourselves for the moment of the occasion. Guests may not remember the color of the decorative plastic dinnerware, but they will remember how the event left them feeling.

The little details like the disposable plastic dinnerware will add to this feeling, so don’t settle when your entire tablescape can blend in with your event’s theme. Also, there is the inconvenience of cleaning up after the event that can be avoided. Plasticware can function as the champion of your dining set up. Disposable dinnerware is more than plates and bowls; it’s also the complements to your tablescape. Consider adding matching cups, cutlery, or disposable charger plates to your fancy plastic dinnerware set up.

Since all your guests are going to make an effort to show up to your party all dressed up, classy and fashionable, the least you can do is spend some time picking the perfect plastic dinnerware and create a beautiful, alluring table setting.

The choice of your perfect dinner table setting is like picking a wedding dress. The ideal plastic dinnerware sets for wedding events will feel like it’s love at first sight once everything is lined up together.

Take a look at these amazing drinkware and flatware sets, plates, plastic and eco-friendly, forks, knives and bowls. You will have your guests enjoying their view of the gorgeous table setting. With a variety of disposable dinner napkins, value sets, and mini partyware - even the smallest details will bring your party nothing but elegance and style.

Smarty knows parties, and our most important one is yours. Shop our collection today for premium, trendy, and practical items to get your party started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of dinnerware?

Under the umbrella of dinnerware are bowls, cups, plates, saucers, etc. You will notice dinnerware made of food-grade material, ceramic, or plastic are the most common options to choose from. From formal to informal to volume capacity, knowing the differences between the types of dinnerware is the key to choosing a set for your next party.

Is it tacky to use plastic dinnerware at a wedding reception?

In our opinion, it’s not tacky but a practical approach for a wedding reception. When there’s a sizable number of guests to feed or a buffet where guests will eat multiple times, having dinnerware on hand will help serve guests as well as reduce a labor-intensive clean-up.

Where can I buy dinnerware sets

Our collection of dinnerware sets is showcased on our website for you to choose what you need to make your party the best. Options are available in several colors, styles, and volumes. Complete your party supply needs by browsing our various offerings.