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A child is the most honest person you can meet. And when a child is drawing a picture, they'll often make one with a landscape of a beautiful and sunny meadow. And which color does a child use for the sunlight?! That's right, yellow. It's an engaging and bright hue that will make you stop and bask it in.

Bring the light to your party and make your table setting shine the brightest possible way. With Smarty's yellow...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is yellow overlooked as much as it is?

Many perceive yellow as only a baby shower color, but this isn't the case! It's a bright and cheery color that will offer an impressive profile for whatever event you are throwing. When searching specifically for a bright color, you'll want to try yellow!

Is it too much yellow if I use it in every piece of dinnerware?

If you choose all-yellow dinnerware, consider including sunglasses! This is certainly the case if you go with the bright yellow dinnerware sets. If you go with the mild yellow further in the collection, this is certainly fine. Whatever hue, remember to try out your tablescape first because you like that effect of it all together!

What foods pair well with yellow dinnerware?

While pairing your food with your dinnerware is not precisely required, it is good to at least think about how it will all look together. For example, yellow dinnerware works well with salads, meat courses, and white pasta dishes. However, you'll want to avoid yellow-focused courses since they will clash automatically with your dinnerware!

Will silver flatware look okay with yellow?

You can try silver flatware with your yellow dinnerware, though gold flatware will probably keep the warm hue a bit better. Silver is excellent for those that love visual contrast, though. It'll be perfect when you are always hunting for a way to keep your table unique and present an outstanding design that will energize guests.

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