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Dinnerware needs to offer a certain kind of presentation for your guests to see just how hard you've worked on the profile you've wanted to create for your event. If you're looking for a neutral tablescape but still want to have a lot of personalities, the shape of your dinnerware might be something you can focus on.

That's where Smarty's wave collection is going to factor in. All are offered to you in a crisp white that will...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pair white wave dinnerware with other colors?

You can undoubtedly pair white wave dinnerware with other colored ones to give yourself the collection you deserve. Smarty encourages each host to create a tablescape that will be recognized as unique, captivating, and mesmerizing for every event. White goes with everything!

Does white-wave dinnerware work well with patterns?

You can undoubtedly choose to accent your wave white dinnerware with patterned options. For example, you can go with crystal stemware or choose salad plates or dessert plates that show off a bit more of a patterned personality. It depends mostly on the overall effect that you are going for.

Why is white such a classic color?

White is a classic color because it is one of the first ones out there. However, it also is a classic color because it has a way of just going with everything and creating a truly admirable tablescape. You can really do whatever you want with it, even pair it with black accessories, since the two pair nicely together for a monochrome style.

What makes Smarty's white wave dinnerware so popular?

Smarty focuses on quality while still sticking with a modern decor aspect that will help every party host enjoy the best combination of quality and aesthetics. This is often a complex combination when looking at something other than princely rentals and porcelain or ceramic. However, Smarty gives you everything that you're looking for!

White Wave Disposable Dinnerware

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