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We'll show you all the disposable tableware sets you'll need for your next event.

Whenever you attend a wedding, a shower, or a gala, you may notice that the tableware sets are never set with just a single plate. Instead, there are always disposable plastic dish sets in two sizes, one on top of the other or a deep plate on top of the shallow one. Smarty knows the reason.

Both you and your guests do...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is disposable tableware

Disposable tableware consists of all the necessary pieces for your table setting, including cutlery, placemats, tablecloths, and napkins, among others. These goods can be used for weddings to parties. Most event planners and DIYers agree that disposable tableware is the way to go for convenience. Smarty's upscale disposable tableware sets help you keep your décor on the theme and make cleanup a breeze.

Can plastic tableware be recycled?

Yes, plastic tableware is recyclable. Additionally, they make for quick cleanup following events. Compared to porcelain or glass tableware, they perform better since they are more shatter-resistant and prevent injuries and messes. Many of our designs even mimic tableware patterns that are modern and trendy to fit your taste.

Where to buy biodegradable disposable tableware?

Having an impromptu party? Browse our extensive selection of disposable tableware. We also have eco-friendly options if needed for your next event. Regardless of the ones you choose, cleanup will be a breeze