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The first and most practical thing about Smarty's collections is that they are created to be "everything you may need for your party in one place." And it is the same with this one in particular. Whatever you need for your wedding or party table setting is gathered in this collection. The name says it all - Smarty's table essentials.

Not sure just what that is going to include? Just focus on the actual work choice of essentials....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get everything I need for my table here?

You can get the basics you need for your bare table here, which is why we've named it as we have. Consider this your designated and professionally-oriented starting point for getting your table just right when you actually start to put together your tablescape piece by piece.

Do I have to have everything that I see here?

While these essentials are recommended for the polished effect that your event deserves, you don't have to include everything that you see here. If you want to have only one or two things from this list for whatever reason, you can choose what you want! There are no rules when it comes to making your party just right.

How should I pick the colors and themes for my table?

If you're struggling with just how you should choose the color and theme for your table, you'll want to think very carefully about how you plan to build up from these essentials. Of course, if you use a neutral color scheme, you'll want to match that in your essentials. But, at the end of the day, choose whatever you think is best for your plans!

What are the main essentials for an adequately prepared party?

Really, you should have a little bit of everything to cover your bases. As far as what that looks like, however, here are the details to focus on: a tablecloth, buffet plates, cocktail and dinner napkins, flatware, dinnerware for each course, and then your glassware. These are going to be essential for the comfort of every guest.

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