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You'd never often think about something as simple as stirring a drink when it comes to Smarty's options, but that's why there's such a benefit waiting for you in shopping with Smarty Had a Party — we've already thought of it so that you don't have to!

This collection of stirrers will show you just how much choice and prestige you can have when looking for something as simple as stirring a drink. These options will be like...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use plastic stirrers for?

These are meant for whatever you want to use them for; alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea, soup, or whatever you have in mind. You'll probably want to ensure that you have enough for everyone at your meal, as you may find guests enjoying these so much that they'll somehow find a use for them!

Are plastic stirrers safe for hot and cold drinks?

Plastic stirring sticks are definitely safe for hot and cold drinks. Their dependable and careful plastic design makes them an excellent choice when you are looking to carefully create the perfect accessory that holds its shape, look, and sheen from one drink type to the next.

How should I present plastic stirrers for the best effect?

If you want to display them perfectly, we recommend a small basket or using a large plastic tumbler so that you can stand them up. When you display them this way, it shows that you have plenty for everyone and that they are easy to grab — making your guests more likely to do so!

Do I need to have stirrers for my event?

It's a good idea to have stirrers for your event if you're looking for an opportunity to enjoy those little touches that often get overlooked. Since they are often so small, these details can always go above and beyond regarding their appeal in your event. Your guests will appreciate it!

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