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It's all about glamour when we talk about events. And the greatest of glamour is in the glamorous and classy stylish drinks and the glasses we pour them into. These lovely and elegant glasses are the ones you use to show off. Perfectly crafted, chic, and voguish, they will add an enormous amount of trendiness to your toast.

So many people assume they had to go with expensive glass or crystal stemware or cheap and awful plastic options....

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose what style of stemware to have?

Choosing the type of stemware may be difficult since there are so many beautiful options to choose from! If you are going for a sophisticated and elegant event, the crystal-cut options are perfect. If you're enjoying a lovely alcohol-themed event, you'll love the martini or mini wine glasses. But it's all about creating a tablescape that feels right for you, too.

What makes the faceting look so realistic?

In those with the faceting, we are really excited to see how impressively real they look. The trick behind this is careful line use when working with plastic. Smarty inspects each disposable stemware piece we get and ensures that every option holds up to the quality guarantee so that you know that you're getting the best quality you can for your money and your trust!

Is plastic stemware safe for toasts and celebrations?

Yes, you can safely rely on these for a toast or a celebration when it comes to the idea of clinking glasses together without worrying about someone accidentally getting a bit too excited about it. These will be great for when you want to enjoy the event and still have the usual milestones.

What kinds of events can I use stemware for?

You can use this stemware for whatever event best gets your attention! From a bachelorette to a wedding celebration, there's never going to be a bad time to enjoy an excellent display of stemware, be it in individual place settings or buffet-style options. There's always a place for them!

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