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8" Black Square Plastic Salad Plates

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The twenty-first century brings a huge improvement to every aspect of our lives. Improvement in the industry, technology, hospitality, and therefore also in the event planning and organizing sectors, though it often gets different kinds of discussion.

Back in the day, it was very simple. There were a few shades of beige, ivory, plain white, and simple silver cutlery. And there were no exciting options for disposable dinnerware. Or, that's our opinion based on doing a lot of...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes square dinnerware so modern?

We think that modern appeal comes from the fact that it's truly different from the classic round shape. So technically, the square edging is no more modern than round shaping, but it's a whole lot more unique and will offer up an impressive footprint that will feel a lot more appealing because it's so different!

Is square dinnerware okay with casual events?

While the square shaping is thought to be dressy, there's no rule about it having to be formal. So go ahead and use this disposable dinnerware for your casual events so that you can try something totally different and know that it's going to be really impressive for all who see it set up at your event.

Can I still get the same strength in square plates?

While the square plates look thinner and edgier — literally — than round plates, they are just as strong, so you don't need to worry about having any change in the integrity of the dinnerware quality itself. You'll still be able to enjoy the lightweight appeal with the assured strength of high-quality plastic dinnerware.

Why is square dinnerware so appealing?

Here at Smarty Had a Party, square dinnerware is popular and appealing because it's unique and quickly grabs your attention. It draws the eye and helps frame your food and liquid perfectly. That's the main job of the dinnerware you choose, after all. So make sure you get dinnerware that will perfectly dress up your table for the right impact.

Elegant Square Dinnerware Collection

Modern and New Age Smarty's Disposable Square Plates for a Trendy Wedding or Party