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8 oz. Crystal Cut Plastic Wine Glasses

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8 oz. Clear Square Plastic Coffee Mugs
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10 oz. Clear Square Plastic Cups

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6 oz. Clear Plastic Martini Glasses
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6 oz. Clear Plastic Martini Glasses

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Are you looking for elegant plasticware so you can avoid traditional dishes? Smarty Had a Party provides you with classy-looking, durable plates, cups, and eating utensils for weddings or any event where you want to give off an exquisite vibe. You'll be able to clean up considerably faster if you use disposable plasticware instead of fine china, porcelain, or glass dinnerware. This disposable tableware is lightweight, making it easier to transport throughout the dining space. These goods are also suitable...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can plasticware be recycled?

Yes, most plasticware can be recycled. If the plastics aren’t too hard, they can be collected for recycling so the materials can be reused. You can have a quick, post-event cleanup and still be environmentally conscious with this option.

How do I wrap plasticware in a napkin?

A fancy, yet easy way to wrap your plasticware in a napkin is by taking the square or rectangle and folding it into a triangle. In the top opening, slide in your silverware for a smooth fit that looks like it took a great amount of effort. Also, for a kid's party, you can make the plasticware look like a piece of candy if you roll them in the napkin and secure the ends with wired ties. The options and styles can be endless and meet your party theme for an elevated experience.

How should I display plasticware for a party?

Depending on the scale of the party, you will know which option to consider. If it is a kid’s birthday party, you can secure the plasticware in a fun shape like a candy wrapper or with a ring for a princess party. For a wedding or elevated picnic, an elegantly folded napkin or decorative napkin can be a fancy platform for the plasticware.

Where can I purchase disposable plasticware in bulk?

On our website, we have a number of solutions for purchasing disposable plasticware in bulk. When you think of disposable flatware, you probably think of family picnics and fast-food restaurants. To dazzle your clients and guests, upgrade your stock with our high-quality disposable cutlery.

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