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Your food deserves the best if you ask us. Even though it's a detail many fail to think about, Smarty has your back. Below is our collection of professional spreaders for different kinds of spreads, sauces, and toppings. We are proud to have this distinctive category to teach and show you just how simple it is to enjoy fabulous serving flatware for whatever event it is that you are planning to perfection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use spreaders for different types of spreads?

Yes, these spreading utensils are designed for many kinds of food spreads. Whether you are using them for cream cheese, margarine, butter, jam, or something else entirely, plastic spreaders will hold up to various thicknesses and products you want to use them with.

Can I use a spreader to stir things?

Plastic spreaders are solid and durable, so you can use them to spread things. We recommend tea spoons or stirrers for thinner things like coffee, but you can stir marmalade and other jams and spreads to help mix them up. They're strong enough to hold up to stirring!

How are spreaders different from butter knives?

Spreaders are wider, and they have no serration on their rounded tops. This means that it'll spread to varying consistencies, and there'll be no texture in the spreads. The butter knife can slice easy foods, but the spreader is meant only for spreading.

Are plastic spreaders safe for thick spreads?

Smarty's disposable spreaders are entirely safe for thick spreads. They are the reliable choice for all looking for a dependable spreader that can layer on thick or thin spreads of cream cheese or fruit-rich jams. Whatever the spread and however thick it is, these spreaders will take care of it.

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