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When you need to enjoy shot glasses that help you feel like your event is ready for whatever it may ask of you, these elegant plastic shot glasses are excellent for helping you to pull it all together.

Whether it's for some sort of family event or something more formal such as a bachelor party, these beautiful plastic shot glasses are lovely choices. They are affordable, well-designed for classic shot use, and are great options for any event...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use plastic shot glasses for alcohol-themed events?

Yes, these shot glasses are designed specifically for alcohol-themed events. But, even if you decide to use these as classic shot glasses and decor to spread around in a truly alcohol-themed event, they're going to be excellent for both beautiful and practical use.

Are plastic shot glasses safe to slam down like classic bar top glasses?

While we don't recommend slamming them down simply for the noise and slopping, these durable plastic shot glasses are strong enough to withstand it. They're also great for toasting and other activities that will otherwise crack cheap plastic options or break glass options.

Can I use plastic shot glasses for serving other than alcohol?

You can certainly use these shot glasses for uses other than alcohol! This includes children's drinks, sauces, desserts, toothpicks, and more. So go wild with these and play around with just what you can use them for effectively.

How many shot glasses should I have?

This is a tricky question! Of course, you will want to ensure that you have enough for everyone, but some will throw theirs out or lose them. So, go big or go home. Have 20%-50% extra than you need. While it seems counterintuitive to have that many, you don't want to run out and have to use something else! They will store easily and offer you top-quality plastic shot glasses.

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