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From cake to meat dishes to classic slide serving, a serving knife will be an excellent tool for those who just need that broad knife to get things done. Sometimes a knife will be the right tool even when other ones would have worked.

But you still want to ensure that you have a professional tool at your disposal. So Smarty’s serving knives will be dedicated and beautiful modern options that give you all of the best features...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use plastic serving knives for buffet trays?

You’ll find these dependable knives perfect for buffet trays and lines. They help slide and serve the individual portions that you’re looking for. These knives make serving more accessible and better for all those that are hunting for the right kind of food portioning that your event deserves.

Is a serving knife heavy or light?

A serving knife that is appropriately designed should be easy to use and heavy-duty but still lightweight enough so that it’s easy to physically use and rely on. This serving knife is an attractive choice when you’re looking to use it for your event, for this reason in particular!

What difference does plastic serving ware make?

Plastic serving ware gives you one main benefit that any other material just can’t — disposability. You’ll be able to take the knife in its well-used state and simply throw it away. No careful scrubbing or washing, or sanitizing is needed. If one serving knife gets too worn out or used or too sticky with food, just replace it with a new one and throw the old one out!

Can I reuse Smarty’s serving knives?

Despite the previous FAQ, you absolutely can reuse Smarty’s serving knives and know that you will be able to rely on them time and time again because it’s so versatile and durable. You can tuck it away and use it however you want for your events and even daily life when you need something you can depend on.

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