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Sometimes, generic is going to be best. Other times, you'll find that purpose-designed options will be the best call! One of those times is going to be these great plastic disposable glasses! Appropriately named "on the rocks" glasses are intended for iced drinks and will be suitable for those doing a traditional bar setup. But, even if you aren't, these are great options when you want to have every little detail perfected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use rock glasses for neat drinks?

While they are designed for these ice-filled drinks, you can technically use these for neat drinks! At the end of the day, they're just designer plastic glasses, after all. If you can't find a traditional glass for a neat drink, one of these will do in a pinch!

Are rock glasses suitable for non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes, these are definitely suitable for non-alcoholic beverages! From juice to milk to water, they can add flourish to your drink and also give you the option of enjoying something "on the rocks" without diving into alcohol! They're perfect for whatever is needed.

What makes rock glasses so impressive for iced drinks?

The gentle texturing of the plastic glasses is what makes these so recommended for iced drinks! This is why they are separated from drinks without ice or "neat." The texturing allows for stirring and swirling without the ice getting all jammed up and creating a mess in your drink that is too much ice or not enough!

Are rock glasses safe for toasting?

Made from durable plastic, these plastic glasses are great for toasting at receptions and showers. They'll be safe, durable, and impressive when toasted or slammed back onto the bar top. While you'll still want to be careful, Smarty's plastic glasses will hold up for as long as your guests do for a trustworthy choice!

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