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Ivory Square Plastic Cake Plates (6.5")
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Dessert is everyone's favorite course. So naturally, everyone at your table will be focused on just how this exquisite flavor will come out and gift their tastebuds, but what about the actual presentation of the dessert itself? This is where top-quality dessert plates come in!

After all, you've had your appetizer, salad, and a nice fresh steak, and now it's time to enjoy the lovely cherry on the cake... Literally! This is the time to put the fantastic...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I match my plate cakes to my main dinner plates?

If you are focused on true synchronicity, consider matching your cake plates to your main meal plates. However, everyone's approach is going to be different that way. If you think that a bright contrast of a total change in dessert's approach will impress your guests, do that!

What's the difference between a pastry plate and a cake plate?

A pastry plate is smaller and simpler to help show off the beautiful design of the pastries you put on. A cake plate will be a bit more decorative and keep your piece of the cake well-centered for that perfect presentation effect. However, they are interchangeable.

Are round plates or square plates better?

It depends on the effect that you're going for. Round plates are a bit more conventional, offering an impressive and timeless presentation of your food. Square plates will be chic and elegant and give a literal edge to the style you're searching for. Pick based on the overall approach that you're going for.

Will plastic pastry/cake plates hold up to liquid-rich desserts?

Yes! The sign of a good dessert plate — or any plate, for that matter — is designed for the elegant host who wants their plates to be ready for anything. These beautiful plates are tough, beautiful, refined, and charismatic. They also will fade into the background and allow that cake and dessert to have their moment with an accessible presentation for the right final effect!

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