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Your event deserves the best of everything, including those little details that matter much more than most people would care to admit. So if you are looking for quality, professionalism, trust, and beautiful design, look no further than Smarty’s collection of mini serving bowls.

These modern and practical mini bowls will help you explore design and function while still enjoying it all on your terms. For example, there are more than prioritized conveniences. These would be the lidded...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many mini bowls should I have at my event?

If you want to be wise, you’ll follow the same rule as plates and other disposable dinnerware: have 20% extra than you think you need. Then, you can always find another use for them in the future, and you can save yourself the worry about running out of bowls, which is an unnecessary stressor you certainly don’t need.

What makes plastic mini-serving bowls so convenient?

Simply, their overall design. These are logical, functional, fun, and pretty adorable to everyone who wants to get that buffet table just right. They are perfect for a modern shopper looking for bowls that won’t disappoint in any way that the average large-size bowl will. There’s just something about mini-serving bowls that is convenient!

Can I use plastic mini-serving bowls for party favors?

Yes, you can use mini-serving bowls easily for party favors. Whether for kids’ events or upscale events that will rely on the final small touches, party favors will present beautifully in mini bowls like these. You can even use these as place-setting decorations that double as party favors for all who want to blend together.

Are they durable bowls for ice cream or soup?

Yes, Smarty’s mini bowls are great for ice cream or soup or other heavy=duty tasks that are going to rely on having top-quality materials and food that packs a punch. Whether you go with the open or the lidded mini bowls, you’ll find that these help you portion and still enjoy something that is up to the challenge of looking tremendous and outperforming the quality that you’re used to!

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