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Nothing like the perfect little mini cup to make your night that much better. Sure, it may not be the first thing on your mind, but it will be a fantastic option when you need that finishing touch for your table setting.

Smarty Had a Party is excited to offer you these beautiful mini cups. They are small, fun, and unique. This is perfect for when you want something just right for that event that needs a little...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use mini-plastic cups for alcohol?

Yes, these are great options for when you want to serve alcohol responsibly, and take a look at just how decorative you can get when you want to take that impressive approach. You'll love all of that kind of appeal when you want an alcoholic yet responsible approach!

Are mini-plastic cups good for toasts and shots?

These are great for toasts and shots where you want to enjoy the celebratory vibe but still make sure you aren't going overboard when hunting for the right balance of fun and responsibility. The small design makes your guests feel like they're getting their fill!

Will mini-plastic cups be suitable for mints and other uses?

Yes, these mini disposable cups will be ideal for mints, candies, toothpicks, and anything that just needs the proper presentation. They have no end of use!

How strong are plastic mini cups?

These are very strong and dedicated to holding solids, liquids, layered desserts, stones, and anything else you put them to use. They are made from top-quality plastic and won't hesitate to show you just how impressive they can be regarding your stunning tables and overall tablescape.

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