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9.6" Clear Medium Square 64 oz. Bowl Disposable PET Lids
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12" Clear Square Tray Disposable PET Lids
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12" Clear Square Tray Disposable PET Lids

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11.8" Clear Big Square 128 oz. Bowl Disposable PET Lids
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9" x 13" Clear Rectangle Tray Disposable PET Lids
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11" x 16" Clear Rectangle Tray Disposable PET Lids
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A whole world of possibilities will be waiting for you when you're looking specifically at the idea of quality-made party supplies. So often, hosts will struggle with the inconveniences of serving large platters of food simply because they don't realize they have the right helping accessories. If you are looking for the proper support in choosing the right accessories for your dinnerware, take some time to focus on the details that matter most. One of which is going to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the most use of plastic lids?

If you want to really make use of the lids, make sure that you plan out meals and food that will nest into the trays and then present well when beneath the crystal clear lid! Anything soupy or sticky should have a bit of space between the top of the tray and the lid, so the lid doesn't get messy.

Are plastic lids food-safe?

Yes, Smarty's plastic lids are all food safe since the understanding is that they will be used on a buffet line, central serving table, and more. These are great for ensuring that everyone finds a way to enjoy these lids without a worry about plastic leaching and more.

Can I see through disposable lids?

Yes, you can see through these lids like they're not even there! This is because they will be designed to be invisible until you need them, not to be, which is precisely how professional-quality lids should work!

What are some tips for choosing lids for my serving ware?

If you want to make the most out of choosing the lids for your serving trays, take a close look at the dimensions of the lids and the trays. The worst thing that you want is a mismatch. Double-check that you are ordering the correct size. Smarty's lids are designed to be as versatile as possible!

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