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Whether you have an actual buffet line or not, you can never go wrong with choosing buffet plates when you’re searching for staples for your next event. Conveniently sized and practical for main courses, they also do well when using sample cups and more as a charger plate.

Often, disposable plastic plates are of poor quality and cause more frustration than they solve, but Smarty’s plastic buffet plates will be your go-to choice when you’re looking for...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use buffet plates for place settings?

Yes, of course! Traditionally, buffet plates are a little smaller than traditional plates, so it will mean less space for food at your event. However, you can certainly use these as classic diner plates, and they’ll offer a great profile that also saves a bit on portion sizes!

How do I match my buffet plates to my tablescape?

If you are using traditional buffet plates, pick ones that match the theme of your tablescape rather than contrast. If you use those elsewhere, go with gilded options that match in gold or silver. Similarly, match white with a neutral color scheme and bright, colorful pops with a modern scheme. You can’t go wrong with a transparent plate when all else fails.

Should my buffet plates be a pop of personality or subdued?

Having them as a subdued effect in your tablescape is generally recommended, but it’s entirely your choice! If you aren’t sure, lay out your tablescape and see if anything pops out too much or if it looks too bland. There’s no better way to understand what you’re looking at, after all.

Do square or round plates offer better usability?

Square plates offer edges to separate food, and round ones pile everything together. The size difference is often about ½”, so you can choose whatever shape you think will match the rest of your design!

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